January 28, 2023

Top 20 Internships in Healthcare Management

Securing a top-notch internship or fellowship position in Healthcare Management and Administration is a strategic step towards a rewarding and successful career in the Healthcare Industry. A highly respected internship or fellowship is a great way to gain direct experiential learning that will help you find a position in the field. We created this list to showcase some of the best internships and fellowships in Healthcare Management and Administration in the United States. Many of these internship opportunities are provided by top universities, hospitals, and healthcare organizations. We included internships and fellowships from around the country. We also believed it was important to seek out the top internships and fellowships accepting students at a variety of educational levels from high school graduates to post-grad fellowships. Our top internships and fellowships provide students with valuable hands-on training, mentoring, and real-world experience. Securing one of these internships is an ideal way to begin a professional career in the Healthcare Management industry.

20 Top Internships in Healthcare Management and Administration

#20. American College of Healthcare Executives: Diversity Internship

Chicago, Illinois

Program Website

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Diversity Internship is a unique program that complements graduate study in either healthcare or association management. This three-month internship program gives students experience in all the major ACHE areas including:

  • Communications and Marketing
  • Executive Office
  • Finance and Administration
  • Health Administration Press
  • Management Information Systems
  • Member Services
  • Professional Development

Interns will participate in the Institute for Diversity and Health Equity’s Summer Enrichment Program and will complete a final project as part of the program. Eligible interns must have completed their first year of graduate study from a regionally accredited university.

#19. Aurora Health Care – Administrative Internship and Administrative Fellowship

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin features both an Administrative Fellow program and an Administrative Intern program. The Administrative Fellow program is a 13-month post-graduate training program for students who have completed the 2nd year of an MHA program. The program is designed for students at the early stage of their career and prepares them to become leaders of health care institutions. The Administrative Intern program is a 10-week program for students finishing their first year of an MHA program. Students will complete a major project in one of four distinct areas including:

  • Finance
  • Quality/Safety
  • Hospital Operations
  • Strategic Planning

#18. Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP – Healthcare Consulting Internship

Chicago or New York City

Program Website
Baker Tilly is a leading advisory, tax, and assurance firm whose specialized professionals help guide their clients through a dynamic business world. They offer a unique internship experience in healthcare consulting. Interns have the opportunity to work within three subgroups:

  • payer
  • provider
  • life sciences

Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student in a business area (including healthcare administration) or a related program and have excellent academic performance. They must be available to begin full-time employment the year following graduation.

#17. Barnes Jewish Hospital – The David A. Gee Administrative Fellowship

Washington, D.C.

Program Website

The David A. Gee Administrative Fellowship program at Barnes Jewish Hospital is a two-year program for graduates of healthcare-related professional programs including an MHA or MBA. The administrative fellowship program at Barnes Jewish Hospital provides meaningful opportunities to interact, coordinate, and manage projects of strategic importance to the hospital. During the first year, fellows rotate through various departments including:

  • President’s Office
  • Ambulatory, Quality, and Safety
  • Patient Care Services
  • Perioperative Services
  • Siteman Cancer Center (oncology

The second year of the program allows students to gain experience within a specific area of the hospital or health system depending on the fellows’ interests and the needs of the organization.

#16. Brigham and Women’s Hospital Student Internship

Boston, Massachusetts

Program Website

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has been providing patient care, medical education, and research for over a century. They feature unpaid student internships for individuals needing to gain experience in healthcare administration. Internships can give students their required number of supervised field experience hours or can serve as personal development. This internship places a strong emphasis on management skills. Student interns at Brigham are students who do not yet possess the necessary skills to function as full-time employees in their chosen field. This program allows students to gain hands-on experience and develop relevant skills in healthcare administration or clinical care.

$15. Indiana University Health Administrative Fellowship

Bloomington, Indiana

Program Website
Indiana University Health features a top Administrative Fellowship for future healthcare leaders. This two-year post-graduate fellowship maximizes professional development and personal growth through a balance of structure and flexibility that transitions Fellows to future healthcare leaders. During the second year of the program, Fellows rotate with the leadership team in specific business areas of interest. All Fellows receive a competitive salary and benefits and are reimbursed for the cost to attend one healthcare conference each year.

#14. Institute for Diversity’s Summer Enrichment Program

Locations Throughout the United States

Program Website

The Institute for Diversity and Health Equity’s Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is an internship designed to advance the next generation of health care leaders. The program was created to support ethnically under-represented first and second year or recently graduated MHA/MBA/MPH students. The 10-week paid internship program takes place in various metropolitan areas throughout the United States. The program provides interns a hands-on introductory training in healthcare administration. With guidance from mentors and working professionals, students will experience real-world issues that face healthcare executives.

#13. Massachusetts General Hospital Administrative Internship

Boston, Massachusetts

Program Website

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) provides an exceptional learning environment for healthcare management students planning a career in hospital leadership. Their Administrative Internship Program is a summer program that accepts a limited number of master’s degree students each year. Selected interns participate in professional activities including:

  • Attending high-level management meetings
  • Managing and analyzing data to inform department strategy
  • Assessing and summarizing new business opportunities
  • Meeting with senior leadership

Interns are engaged in a mix of observational experiences and project work under the mentorship of experienced healthcare executives.

#12 Northwell Health – Healthcare Management Program Internship

Long Island (Nassau County and Suffolk County), Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island & Westchester

The Healthcare Management Program Internship at Northwell Health is designed to prepare the next generation of leaders. This 10-week paid internship experience is offered at various locations throughout New York. This summer program is open to undergraduate students expecting to graduate in December or August of the following year. Interns are matched with a mentor who guides them throughout their internship. Interns will benefit from:

  • Exposure & networking with executive leadership
  • Attendance at top-level decision-making meetings
  • Meaningful hands-on project work and assignments

#11. Oakhurst Medical Centers – Healthcare Administration Internship

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Oakhurst Medical Centers, located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, feature a healthcare administration internship for students pursuing a bachelor’s in healthcare or business administration. Responsibilities may include:

  • Assist in developing center policies and procedures
  • Provide outreach support and care coordination assistance to the Outreach Nursing, and Case Management teams
  • Determine customer service strategies to reduce wait time and high call volumes

Interns will gain firsthand experience in a healthcare organization that will give them a competitive edge in their job search or when applying to graduate school.

#10. Oregon Health & Science University – Administrative Internship Program

Portland, Oregon

Program Website
OHSU features a top summer Administrative Internship Program for both undergraduate and graduate students. A limited number of interns are selected each summer to be placed in healthcare departments across the organization. Interns will work on an assigned project while experiencing the day-to-day operations of a healthcare organization. Interns will receive a stipend that covers housing and living expenses for the summer.

#9. The Penn Medicine Administrative Fellowship

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Program Website

The Penn Medicine Administrative Fellowship Program at Penn Medicine is a unique program that exposes Fellows to the ever-changing field of health care. Penn Medicine’s Administrative Fellowship is a two-year program designed to give MBA, MHA, MPH, MSN, and other accredited master’s degree graduates the opportunity to be mentored by leading health care executives. Ideal candidates should have two years of full-time work experience in healthcare and have analytical and problem-solving skills. Students are engaged in a mix of short and long-term projects. They also participate in a three- to six-month interim management role.

#8. Thomas Jefferson University Administrative Fellowship Program

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Program Website

Over the past 40 years, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has been offering a unique Administrative Fellowship Program. This 12-month program is project-based, allowing recent graduates the chance to join a fully functioning administrative team and gain hands-on experience in finance, clinical operations, and service excellence. Eligible candidates include those who will have earned an MHA, MBA, or MPH before the start of the fellowship. Applicants who need a full-time residency to graduate are also welcome to apply.

#7. University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital-The Administrative Fellowship program

Birmingham, Alabama

Program Website

The Administrative Fellowship program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Medicine provides qualified individuals with a comprehensive training opportunity in Healthcare Management and Administration. UAB Medicine features four unique fellowship opportunities in:

  • Hospital Operations
  • Academic Medicine/Ambulatory Operations
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Clinical Practice Transformation

These two-year fellowships are tailored to meet the needs of each fellow’s interests and professional goals. Each fellow will benefit from a comprehensive experience that includes rotations and a diverse set of hands-on projects.

#6. The UCLA Health Administrative Internships/Fellowship

Los Angeles, California

Program Website

UCLA Health features top Internship and Fellowship programs for students who plan to become future healthcare leaders. The UCLA Health Administrative Fellowship is a 12-month program that allows Fellows to work as part of a leadership team, gaining training in hospital management and administration. The UCLA Health Graduate Student Administrative Internship is a 10-week program that gives students valuable project administration experience. Students will work with a sponsor on a project and present the project to UCLA Health senior leadership.

#5. UNC Health Care’s Administrative Internship Program

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Program Website

UNC Health Care’s Administrative Internship Program (AIP) offers Healthcare Management students a unique summer internship opportunity. Interns work on one or more core projects, gaining exposure to modern health care delivery practices. This 10-12 week full-time internship has many exciting features including:

  • Exposure to a complex health care environment and a world-class teaching facility
  • Participation in weekly “Learning Series” with presentations by leaders from across the organization
  • Involvement in projects that affect the organization

Interns are able to showcase their projects at an end of summer presentation for the Executive Team.

#4. Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, Texas

Program Website
Baylor College of Medicine features a top Administrative Fellowship Program that provides students with practical experience and leadership development. Fellows will work with their preceptor throughout the year to fine-tune their learning into skills that will be used throughout their careers. Fellows are also encouraged to become members of the Texas Medical Center Administrative Fellowship Association, providing networking and professional development opportunities.

#3. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Administrative Summer Residency Program

Greenville, Pennsylvania

Program Website
UPMC offers two exciting programs for health administration students seeking leadership positions in the field. The Administrative Summer Residency Program is a 12 week paid internship available to graduate students. Students gain practical management experience in either the Insurance Services Division or Health Services Division. Interns who complete the program will be invited to apply to the two-year, post-graduate Administrative Fellowship Program. During the first year of the program, Fellows rotate with executive leadership by participating in meetings, projects, and initiatives. The second year is spent focused on an area of interest or organizational need.

#2. University of Utah Health-Administrative Fellowship

Salt Lake City, Utah

Program Website
The University of Utah Health features an Administrative Fellowship that begins each summer. This one-year administrative fellowship fosters close relationships with senior executives. Fellows have the opportunity to engage in project work in a variety of areas including:

  • organizational development
  • employee relations
  • quality improvement
  • new business development

#1. Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois


Program Website
Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago features a one-year, project-based, post-graduate Administrative Fellowship. Fellows work closely with senior leadership, supporting the mission of Lurie’s. Fellows also attend leadership and board meetings, shadowing administration activities throughout the organization. Lurie also offers a summer administrative internship. This internship opportunity is available to graduate students and follows a project-based approach.

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