March 29, 2023

Will I Need To Complete An Internship To Earn a Healthcare Management Degree?

Those pursuing degrees in Healthcare Management will often need to complete a Healthcare Management Internship in a Healthcare setting to put into practice the theories and skills they have learned through their coursework. Most Colleges and Universities normally require students to complete an Internship as part of their specific degree program whether they are enrolled in a traditional or online program. The main goal in Healthcare Management Internships is to provide the student the opportunity to learn experientially in various areas of Healthcare Management especially those in areas of potential job opportunities and areas of future career interests. Choosing a school with an Internship program should be part of the decision making process in choosing a Healthcare Management Program. The goals of the Internship can include the experience working with areas of communications, marketing, administrative, research and other areas that will pertain to your future career goals. Many programs will require students to complete a final project pertaining to the Internship experience. These opportunities are usually arranged with local hospitals and businesses in the community.

Undergraduate Internships in Healthcare Management

Many Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Management offer an opportunity for student’s to complete a supervised work Internship within a community Healthcare Setting or long-term care facility. These work concentrations will allow the student to demonstrate that they possess the competency to apply the skills from study in coursework into a true working environment. Most programs will apply credit hours for the Internship with students continuing to pay tuition as if it were a course. Students are generally evaluated by their facility upon completion of the Internship and if satisfactory progress has been shown, are granted credit accordingly. Depending on the program, some students Internships are paid positions.

Graduate Internships in Healthcare Management

Graduate programs in Healthcare Management generally last two years or more and can include course work in Healthcare Policy and Law, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Healthcare Financing, Human Resources, and other Healthcare Management topics. The program may also require a supervised Internship, residency, or fellowship for completion of the Master’s Program. These Internships are provided opportunities within the Universities or college program and can be paid or unpaid Internships.

What You can Expect from Health Care Internships

Healthcare Management Internships can take on a variety of forms, and is often dependent on the employer. The priority for this Internship should be the ability to gain a multitude of experiences in a health care atmosphere, particularly those that interest you the most. During your Internship students can expect to:

  • Work on communications, marketing, administrative, research and other projects that pertain to both your interests and the organization’s current needs
  • Keep in contact with the program instructors regarding tasks for the Internships and Healthcare Management coursework
  • Completion of a final project pertaining to the Internship experience.

Completing an Internship is a Benefit When Searching for a Job in Healthcare Management

An Internship provides educational and practical experience to students by exposing them to the real-life experiences to gain hands-on experience for a better understanding of the field they have chosen to pursue. Depending on the degree you’re pursuing, the Internship can be in an office, a hospital or clinic under the supervision of a director. A Healthcare Management Internship promotes personal growth many companies also use their Internship program to hire future employees.