March 31, 2023

What are the Options Available for Graduate Level Certification in Healthcare Management?

Certificates in Healthcare Administration at the graduate level are designed for Healthcare professionals who want to update their knowledge base in healthcare administration to qualify for executive-level management positions in health services organizations or other areas of Healthcare. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates growth of sixteen percent in healthcare management position through 2018, and predicts employment opportunities to be especially dynamic for those with strong business management skills. A graduate certification helps to build employment credentials combining a foundation of advanced business principles with specialized courses in healthcare management to allow employers the knowledge you are committed to career advancement. Completing the certification can take as little as eight months and can be done entirely in an online format. Some areas of Certification for working in Healthcare include:

Graduate Certificate in Public Health

A Graduate Certificate in Public Health provides students with core concepts in public health needed to develop their professional knowledge to pursue a graduate degree in the field. The certificate is centered on teaching, research and service and educates students to become leaders in public health for partnerships in the public health community. Most programs can be completed in an online format in less than one year.

Graduate Certificate Healthcare Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is designed for students who already possess an Master of Business Administration (MBA) and are interested in pursuing careers in the Healthcare industry, or for those who are pursuing careers within healthcare but need further education in healthcare systems, regulations and industry policies and expectations in order to enter positions of leadership and management in Healthcare. Most programs are available in an online format and generally are completed within one year.

Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

In order to become a leader in the rapidly evolving field of Healthcare Informatics Graduate Certificates in Health Informatics prepares candidates for cutting-edge technology and processes revolutionizing today’s Healthcare industry. This graduate certificate allows students the proficiency to create, implement, and understand the operation and control of health information systems.

Graduate Certificate of Public Health Sciences

A Graduate Certificate program in Public Health Services will allow training for individuals in public health to satisfy a critical need for qualified public health laboratory scientists. With heightened concerns over bioterrorist attacks, the constant threat of disease epidemics from natural disasters including the tsunami crisis and Hurricane Katrina, and pandemics such as the Avian flu, those positions for properly trained personnel in this area of healthcare will continue to be on the rise.

Graduate Certificate in Community Health Education

Upon completion of this certificate, Students will apply the theoretical foundations of health education to communicate effectively with the community. Coursework includes community health research, evaluating programs for health professionals, Public Health policies and Administration and improving Community Health.

Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

The certification in Biostatistics and Epidemiology allows public health administrators, physicians, nurses, clinical research professionals, health educators, and policy experts the ability to develop the analytic skills needed to apply epidemiological theories for specialized roles in public health practice. With disease prevention and health promotion becoming a top priority in the US, those who can apply research to today’s real-world problems become more in demand across all sectors of healthcare including: pharmaceuticals, governmental and non-governmental agencies, business, and academia.

There are several options for graduate certification to allow students to choose which certification most closely matches their career goals. With the flexibility of the largely online format and the ability to learn at your own pace format, Graduate Certificates in Healthcare Management allow interested professionals the ability to pursue top level positions within the Healthcare Market.