March 29, 2023

What are Certifications in Healthcare Management and Will Earning a Certification Help Me Find a Job?



When you read about the field of Healthcare Management (HCM) and Administration you will see undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees of all levels and certifications in HCM. While most of us know what the varying levels of traditional degrees are, many are left wondering what is a certification in HCM.

Healthcare Management Certificate Programs Overview

Certificate programs are most commonly geared toward adult and returning students. These non-degreed programs are available at undergraduate and graduate level and are offered in a variety of areas of study. Requirements vary from state to state in defining what training is necessary to hold management positions in the Healthcare industry, but the majority require a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s level degree. Although certification is not required, some managers choose to become certified. Healthcare management certificates are available in many areas of expertise for professionals in a variety of healthcare setting for aspiring managers interested in future career advancement. It is important to choose an area most relevant to your interest for future career endeavors. Certification programs allow a better understanding of the ethical and legal issues, health care finance and problem solving. Healthcare management certification programs are often available in either distance learning or online format as well as a campus-based program.

Undergraduate Healthcare Management Certification Programs

Undergraduate Certificate Programs are available for those students who have not completed an undergraduate degree and are available through community colleges, universities and career schools. Entry requirements for undergraduate certificate programs vary by school and program and most students have already achieved a high school diploma or GED qualify for admittance. Schools may have additional requirements, such as basic math skills, English language skills and basic technology proficiency. Most undergraduate certification programs can be finished on a full time basis in less than one year.

Graduate Healthcare Management Certification Programs

Graduate certification programs are available in professional and academic areas of study and define the specific area of study in which the student has achieved mastery. Certification programs at a graduate level are designed for students having already earned an undergraduate degree. Areas students can complete a graduate certification include: applied statistics, health communication, project management and nursing studies. Programs are generally shorter than typical graduate degree programs and are available for completion in less than one year on a full time basis.

Available areas of Healthcare Management Certification

Areas of certification Available include:

  • Health and Wellness Administration Certificate – Offered at many four-year colleges and universities and also in an online distance format as well. Online certificates in Health Services Management are designed for healthcare professionals seeking advancement or in depth understanding of administrative issues. Online students can earn certification in a year in a fulltime basis.
  • Healthcare Management Certificate
  • Medical Office Administration certificate focus on specific areas if study including billing and coding or health records administration. Certification programs in this area can be completed in a few months and requirements include about thirty hours of coursework. Coursework may include areas of management skills, common office procedures and computer systems, including those used for billing or records maintenance.
  • Health Administration Certificate

In order to meet the increasing need for programs providing Healthcare Managers and Administrators at all levels the knowledge and skills to manage within Healthcare, Certification may be the most flexible option for those pursuing careers in Healthcare Management.