March 29, 2023

New York University



Health Care Management Degree Programs at New York University

New York University appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Masters in Public Health (MPH) Online.

New York University offers health care management degree programs through both its main campus and its smaller campuses as well as online. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management through its School of Professional Studies. Students can take five optional courses online and get their licenses to work in nursing homes as administrators in New York. There are 16 required courses in the program, including Human Resources Management Principles, Business Organization and Management, Principles of Accounting and Financial Management of Health Services. Though some classes are available online, others are offered by various campuses across the state.

The Department of Public Health Policy and Management is part of the university’s College of Global Public Health. It offers a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy and Management. U.S. News and World Report ranked it as the ninth best program of its type in the nation. Students will take one elective and four health management courses, including Strategic Management of Public Health Organizations and Designing and Managing Operations in Public Health. They’ll also take 15 credits of public health courses that include Biostatistics for Public Health, Health Care Policy and Epidemiology. Also offered is the unique Online Master of Public Health focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the MPH-SDG, and the Cross-Continental MPH, a one-year, three-term, three-continent program.

New York University also offers a Master of Public Administration with a specialization in Health Services Management. This program focuses more on the daily operations of healthcare organizations that the previous program does. Students will take the five courses in the public administration core and eight required classes. Those classes include Introduction to Health Policy and Management, Management and Leadership, Health Economics Principles, Health Services Management, and Healthcare Quality Improvement. The university allows students to take any related electives that they want to learn more about other aspects of healthcare systems and management.

About New York University

New York University is one of the most prestigious campuses in New York. Established in 1831, it is also one of the state’s oldest colleges. Locals living in New York came together to create a new university that would offer opportunities for students living in NYC. It was one of the only schools in the nation at the time not affiliated with a church or religious organization. Also called NYU, it has one large campus in Washington Square and a smaller campus in Brooklyn Park. The university also worked with other schools to establish new branches and campuses in other parts of the world, including Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.

ARWU ranked NYU as the 22nd best college in America, but other organizations and groups also rank the university. It appeared at number 30 on the list released by U.S. News and World Report and number 29 on the list that Times created of the best American colleges. NYU also appeared on USNWR lists of the best programs in law, business, education and public policy. Enrollment at New York University now includes more than 26,000 undergrads and more than 25,000 graduate and post-graduate students across its many campuses.

New York University Accreditation Details

The regional accreditation that NYU has is what allows it to design financial aid packages that meet the needs of its students and to accept the credits they earned in the past. This accreditation comes from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). MSCHE also granted NYU the right to establish its own degree requirements and grant degrees to anyone who meets those requirements. The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) granted accreditation to NYU for its graduate programs in healthcare management also.

New York University Application Requirements

NYU holds various admissions events every year that allow students to spend some time on its campuses before they apply. Students can also attend open houses and take campus tours that they schedule in advance. Undergrads applying to NYU can use the Common Application. Once they create their accounts and fill out each section on the site, they can apply to any branch of NYU and to other colleges. The university asks for a school report, which must come from a guidance counselor and a high school transcript. Students can add this information online and pay the $80 application fee. They will then submit a standardized test score and a mid-year school report.

All NYU graduate programs have an online application too. Each program has its own application deadline, which ranges from December 1 to February 15 for the fall semester. Most of the graduate healthcare management programs have the same requirements, including 500-word responses to two essay questions. Students also have the option of sending in a video essay and a standardized test score. Other requirements for graduate students include official transcripts from all colleges attended, a resume and two to three letters of recommendation. NYU has the same requirements in place for all its online graduate programs. Students must also have an undergrad GPA of no less than 3.0.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at NYU starts at $1,940 per credit hour, which includes both tuition and fees. Full-time students pay $24,628 to take a full course load of up to 18 credits in a semester. Most of the university’s graduate programs charge $2,005 per credit for tuition and fees. The university does not offer a discount for full-time graduate students though. It requires that students pay this same rate regardless of how many credits or classes they take. Room and board packages are available for students who want to live on an NYU campus for an additional cost.

NYU has a strong reputation for the financial aid packages it offers, which makes attending the university more affordable. Students seeking financial aid must submit the FAFSA and make sure that the university receives a copy. This form must have the NYU school code on it and list that as the university the student wants to attend. Less than 3% of students receive aid based on merit. Much of the university’s financial aid goes to students with more need than others. Aid packages can include subsidized or unsubsidized federal loans, one or more grants and admission to the work-study program. There are dozens of scholarships available also. New York University recommends that students speak to a financial aid counselor if they have questions or issues before they apply to a healthcare management degree program.