January 19, 2019
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School Profile: New York University


New York University is one of the best colleges in the state. Founded in 1831, the roots of the university actually date back to the previous year. Several notable men, including Thomas Jefferson, held a conference to discuss the need for a new private college in New York. Those attending the conference laid out plans for the new university and helped raise money to make it happen. Originally called the University of the City of New York, it later adopted NYU as its name. Though classes once met in a small building in NYC, it now has a large campus of its own, which is home to nearly 10,000 students.

The university appeared in several television shows and films, including serving as the college attended by several “Gossip Girl” characters on TV. Kristin Bell, Alec Baldwin, John Cuask and Spike Lee are just a few of the famous people who attended classes at NYU. U.S. News & World Report, ARWU and Forbes all ranked NYU within the top 100 of American colleges, but it also ranks globally, according to ARWU, Times, QS and U.S. News & World Report. Programs that rank among the nation’s best include those in education, engineering, law, medicine and business.

New York University Accreditation Details

Two things you should look for before deciding on a nursing school is its regional accreditation and its specialized accreditation. NYU has regional accreditation from Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Regional accreditation is important for several reasons, including because it lets you apply for financial aid and because it means a higher body granted the university approval for its programs. The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. granted NYU specialty accreditation for its programs in nursing as did the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Some of the other specialty accreditation that might interest you comes from groups like:

Liaison Committee on Medical Education

Council on Social Work Accreditation Office of Social Work Education

Teacher Education Accreditation Council

Planning Accreditation Board

Council on Education for Public Health

Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education

American Dental Association

New York University Application Requirements

NYU no longer has its own online application. It is one of hundreds of colleges across the country that now uses the Common Application. You’ll need to visit the website for the application, create an account and search for NYU to apply. Once you fill out basic information like your social security number, date of birth, full name and address, the site will use that information to help you fill out all your college applications faster.

As a prospective undergrad, you need to submit both your application and a general school report. The report is a short list that includes your grade point average, class ranking and classes took. You also need to submit an official score from either the ACT or SAT and an evaluation done by either a guidance counselor or teacher. Those with a bachelor’s in nursing who want to enroll in a new nursing program must fill out a separate application.

If you want to apply to a graduate or doctoral program, you need to use a different application. NYU asks that all prospective grad students submit an official standardized test score from the GRE, MCAT, GMAT or a similar exam and supply an official transcript from any college attended. If you are an RN or another type of nurse and want to enroll in a nursing grad program, you must also show proof of your experience and that you have your license. Some nursing programs are only open to professional nurses who are in good standing in their states.

Tuition and Financial Aid

As NYU bases your tuition on the number of credits you take and the program you enroll in, your rates may vary from other students. Its undergrad nursing programs cost $1,373 per credit hour, but this amount does not include the fees charged by the university. With fees added in, full-time students taking between 12 and 18 credits will pay around $24,500 per semester. The cost for graduate students is slightly higher at around $1,600 per credit, but graduate students typically take fewer credits every semester.

NYU requires that those seeking financial aid file the FAFSA by February 1 of the year they want to enroll. This gives the university time to go over your form, decide on how much help you need and base a financial aid package around your needs. The university has a number of on-campus jobs available for both undergrads and graduate students. Assistantships and fellowships are available for both graduate and PhD students as well. Some students qualify for grants and loans, but those taking out loans must go through exit counseling before graduating. The university offers both merit-based and need-based scholarships for some students too.

NYU Nursing Programs

NYU offers four nursing programs at the bachelor’s level. Those enrolled in its accelerated program can earn their BSN degrees in just 15 months. The university will take credits earned in other programs and transfer in those credits to help you graduate quicker. It also offers an RN to BSN program and a traditional four-year nursing program as well as a transfer program for those who studied nursing at another college. You can also earn a bachelor’s in global health and nursing. This program includes courses on anatomy, psychology, nutrition and maternity nursing.

Its BS/MS program helps you earn both your bachelor’s and master’s in nursing without switching between colleges. You can even take graduate classes while working on your bachelor’s degree. This program comes with several concentrations, including health administration, health education, family care, nurse midwifery and mental health nursing. The university also offers a dual degree program in both nursing and public health at the graduate level.

Its Doctor of Nursing Practice is best for those who want to work in a clinical practice. It teaches you how to care for patients, assess their overall health needs and help patients stay safe at home. Those more interested in research can enroll in its nursing PhD program, which includes courses on biostatistics, philosophy of nursing and health theory. New York University PhD candidates must complete a residency and do a dissertation, which requires seeking approval for a topic first.

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