January 19, 2019
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School Profile: LeTorneau University

In 1946, R.G. LeTorneau, known for inventing equipment designed for earthmoving, and his wife, Evelyn, were in Longview, Texas. The couple was considering the town for a new manufacturing site for his next factory. The couple flew over Harmon General Hospital, a vacated Army hospital that specialized in treatment of neurological and dermatological issues. The site had over 200 frame buildings. Mrs. LeTorneau asked about the facility and was told that it was no longer in use. She suggested it would be a great site for a school designed to educate returning World War II veterans.

With the help of Carl Estes, publisher of the Longview News-Journal, along with other leaders in the community, Mr. LeTorneau purchased the site from the U.S. Government for $1 with the stipulation that the government could reclaim the property in the event of an emergency. The sale also stipulated that no new construction or demolition could occur on the property during that time. On February 20, 1946, LeTorneau Technical Institute was chartered and classes held on the site in April 1946. Students were men and the majority of them were veterans.

LeTorneau Technical Institute was founded as an interdenominational, evangelically-Christian university. The school became known for its high-quality education as well as the hands-on learning experiences it provided for students.

For the first two years of existence, LeTorneau University offered an Academy section in order for students to complete their junior and senior years of high school in addition to the college section that offered two-year trades programs as well as a four-year technology program. Students attended class on alternating days, working in Mr. LeTorneau’s manufacturing plants on days when they were not in class. This allowed them to fulfill any lab requirements of their classes.

In 1961, the college began offering bachelor’s degree programs in engineering, technology as well as a few arts and science degrees. At that time, the name was changed to LeTorneau College and women were admitted. The college began to transform from traditional wooden barracks and Tyler Hall Dormitory was erected in 1962, Estes Library in 1963 and Hollingsworth Science Hall in 1965. The school gained accreditation in 1975. The school gained university status in 1989.

Today, there are 2,721 students enrolled at LeTorneau University. The school has a strong Christian focus and a deep faith in God is the cornerstone of the university. All courses taught at the school are based in Christian belief. It remains a distinctly Christ-centered institute of higher education. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks LeTorneau as a top tier university.

LeTorneau University Accreditation Details

LeTorneau University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Accreditation indicates that the school meets or exceeds criteria that demonstrate to parents, students and employers that the curriculum is top-notch and that graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce. In addition, programs at the university are accredited or approved by the following organizations:

  • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET)
  • Association of Christian Schools International
  • Federal Aviation Administration

LeTorneau University Application Requirements

Applicants must complete an online application and submit official high school transcripts as well as official SAT or ACT scores. Transfer students must also submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended.

Graduate applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or higher before applying. Students must submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Some graduate programs may have additional application requirements. Students are urged to speak to an admissions counselor before completing an application.

LeTorneau University Tuition and Financial Aid

Full-time undergraduate tuition is $27,930 per year for residential students. Cost of attendance for online undergraduate students ranges between $9,585 to $12,825 per year. Graduate tuition ranges from $10,890 to $18,450 per year.

Over 90 percent of LeTorneau students receive some type of financial aid. Aid ranges from gift aid, such as scholarships and grants, to student loans and work-study programs. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for any type of aid.

LeTorneau University Degree Program(s) Available

Healthcare Management, B.S.

With the growth in the healthcare industry, the need for individuals who have successfully completed healthcare management degree programs is also growing. LeTorneau University offers a healthcare management program that is designed in collaboration with top-tier healthcare management professionals. Graduates of the program have found employment as clinical directors, care managers, patient care directors and clinical supervisors. The curriculum includes instruction in marketing, legal and social aspects of healthcare as well as health informatics. It also includes methods of integrating faith in the healthcare industry. Courses required for the program include:

  • Biblical Literature
  • Biblical Theology for the Christian Life
  • Business Research Methods
  • College Algebra
  • Communications/Speech
  • Elementary Statistics
  • English Composition
  • Financial Analysis for Managers
  • Health Informatics
  • Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • History
  • Human Resource Management
  • Integrating Faith & Work in Healthcare
  • Kinesiology
  • Legal, Social and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare
  • Literature
  • Management and Leadership or Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing Healthcare Services
  • Natural Science with lab
  • Regulation and Accountability in Healthcare
  • Small Business Management
  • Theological Engagement Elective
  • U.S. Healthcare System

All courses in the program are taught with the understanding of God and how to relate to Him through His son, Jesus Christ. Students are given the freedom to interpret God’s truth, but the Health Management program, along with all other programs, recognize certain tenets of the Christian faith. The program is available in a completely online format.

LeTorneau University has a vision to claim every workplace as a mission field. Their mission is to engage learners to nurture Christian virtue, develop competency and ingenuity as well as to integrate faith into their working lives. LeTorneau University offers many degree programs in a completely online format that allows for flexibility so that working adults are able to achieve their higher education goals in order to move into a new career or advance in a current career.

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