March 29, 2023

Indiana University- Purdue University


Health Care Management Programs at Indiana University – Purdue University

Indiana University – Purdue University offers two undergrad degree programs and two graduate degree programs for students with an interest in health care management through its Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. The Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management helps students start their careers off on the right foot and prepares them for enrolling in one of the university’s graduate programs or the similar programs offered by other schools. It features 24 required courses that are worth a total of 71 credits, including Introduction to Public Health – Why Public Health Matters, Health Care Marketing, Health Finance and Budgeting, and Health Care Information Technology, Management and Policy.

A second undergraduate program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy (BSHMP). Though the required courses in the program may change from one year to the next, students only need to take the courses required when they first start. Those classes often include Principles of Epidemiology, Overview of the US Healthcare System and US Policy and Administration. Majors will earn one credit from a class called Career Development and Planning. This class teaches them how to search for jobs and create their career goals as well as how to write a resume and cover letter. Students must also take a fieldwork experience course.

The two programs available at the graduate level include a Master of Health Administration (MHA). This fully accredited program is one of the oldest in the state. Available as both a full-time and a part-time program, it includes required classes and an Internship in Health Services Management. This internship allows students to work in public health and administration facilities across Indiana. The 16 required courses in the program include Health Services Delivery and the Law, Marketing Health Services Delivery, Population and Public Health, Leadership in Healthcare Administration and Lean Principles for Healthcare. Students can earn both this degree and a law degree, Master of Public Health or Master of Business Administration through one of the university’s joint degree programs.

Indiana University – Purdue University also offers a Master of Science in Healthcare Management (MSHM) program. It includes 36 credits of classes and requires that students take some courses from the Kelley School of Business. The university asks that students take two courses from each discipline during the summer semester to earn six credits and to demonstrate that they are proficient in those areas. They will also take a course in Washington DC that requires they spend five days living and working in that city. The university requires that students complete approved internships while in the program too.

For nurse leaders, IUPU offers a “distance accessible” Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Nursing Leadership in Health Systems. For even further leadership skill-building, a Doctor of Nursing Practice is also offered in a mostly online/distance format.  According to the Department of Nursing website, the “DNP Program is the only graduate organizational and systems leadership program that brings into focus the nursing lens of big thinkers who want to rebuild healthcare and healthcare education in a time of customer demand for quality, affordable, reliable, lifetime care.”

About Indiana University – Purdue University

Indiana University – Purdue University is the name given to several university campuses in Indiana. These campuses are owned and operated jointly by both Indiana University and Purdue University. The largest of those schools is in Indianapolis. Also called IUPUI, this campus opened in 1969 after the Indiana University Indianapolis and Purdue Indianapolis Extension Center merged. A second campus owned by the two schools is in Fort Wayne. Usually called IUPU, the university system has a total enrollment of more than 35,000 students. The system also owns a campus in the small town of Columbus.

Indiana University – Purdue University Accreditation Details

IUPU has accreditation for its graduate healthcare programs from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). It is one of the only schools in Indiana with this type of accreditation. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) awarded IUPU regional accreditation during its early days and continues renewing that accreditation every 10 years. This is what allows students to apply for the financial aid they need and to transfer credits to and from IUPU campuses.

Indiana University – Purdue University Application Requirements

Graduate students applying to a healthcare management program must submit their applications by March 1 at the latest. The university has a priority deadline of February 1 and will begin accepting students who submit their applications by this date. There is a chance that it will not have any space remaining by the time the second deadline arrives. Grad students can pay the $60 application online when they submit their applications. The application includes sections where students can upload a personal writing sample and a resume. They will also need to write responses of up to 250 words to several questions on the application and then submit three letters of recommendation and their transcripts. Students have the option of sending in their GRE scores too.

The application process that undergrads follow is fairly similar but a little more streamlined. They can use either the IUPU application associated with the campus where they want to study or the Common Application. The Common Application is a good choice for those applying to more than one university because they can use the sections they created ahead of time for each application. Students must complete the Indiana Core 40 Curriculum or a similar curriculum that includes classes in English, social studies, life sciences, math, and foreign language. They pay an application fee of $65 when submitting the application. The university also asks for an official standardized test score and transcript. Those who need to transfer credits will also need to provide official college transcripts.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The estimated cost of attendance for Indiana undergrads is $9,464 per year for tuition and fees. Room and board add nearly $10,000 to their annual costs. Most nonresidents will pay $29,820 for tuition and fees each year. The university has a Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) that reduces this cost down to $13,650 per year for students who live in any Midwestern state. Graduate students attending an IUPU branch pay $352 per credit hour as an Indiana resident and $967 per credit hour as a nonresident. The university offers a discount for students from other Midwestern states such as Illinois and Ohio too. IUPU allows students to apply for both institutional aid and government aid. They can submit scholarship applications to the university and apply for loans and grants through the FAFSA. More than 90% of students attending Indiana University – Purdue University receive financial aid, including a large number of those enrolled in programs through its Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health.