March 22, 2018


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School Profile: Augusta University

Augusta University is an older university in the state that dates back to 1828. Founded as Georgia Regents University, it is now part of the University System of Georgia. The university consists of nine colleges and schools and a number of medical facilities. Those facilities were part of the Georgia Health Sciences University. When that campus merged with Augusta State University in 2012, the two schools became Augusta University. Those enrolled in one of its medical, nursing or health sciences programs can now gain experience working in the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, Augusta University Medical Center or one of the doctors’ offices on or near campus.

The merger of the two schools increased the number of resources available to students enrolled in its College of Allied Health Sciences. Around 650 students enroll in these programs every year. It features programs in dental hygiene, health information management and clinical laboratory science. Its College of Nursing, which opened in the 1940s, offers both undergrad and graduate programs. More nurses graduate from this school every year than from any other college in the state. Augusta University allows nursing students to take classes on its smaller campuses in Athens or Columbus, Georgia or to study abroad in Japan.

Augusta University Accreditation Details

The term accreditation refers to the approval that a university has for both its degree programs its ability to prepare students for the future. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) has 39 standards or principles in place that it looks at before granting accreditation. After an extensive review of the programs, classes, teachers, finances and other aspects of Augusta University, SACS granted it full regional accreditation. This also means that you have the right to request financial aid through the FAFSA and that you can transfer the credits you earn on this campus or another to another accredited university.

Augusta University also has something called specialty, program or specialized accreditation. This type of accreditation comes from a professional organization associated with a specific program of study. The Liaison Committee on Medical Education accredited its medical school, making it the only accredited medical school in the state. It also has accreditation and approval for its nursing programs from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, Georgia Board of Nursing, Pediatric Nursing Certification Board and Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Programs.

Augusta University Application Requirements

Augusta University begins accepting applications for the fall semester in the fall of the year before. Undergrads must complete a college prep curriculum in high school that includes two or more years of a foreign language, three years of social studies classes and four years of classes in life sciences, math and English. Prospective students must score at least 17 on both the English and math sections of the ACT or 400 on the math and 430 on the reading sections of the SAT. The university also looks at your cumulative grade point average. After completing the online application and paying the application fee, you must submit a transcript from your high school and your standardized test score.

As a prospective graduate student, you need to use the online graduate school application. Though similar to the undergrad application, the graduate version asks about any professional experience you have and whether you took a graduate admissions test like the GRE. You’ll need to provide the university with an official college transcript and test score. Some of its graduate programs are only open to licensed nurses. To enroll in one of those programs, you’ll need to show the university a copy of your nursing license or proof that you have your license.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The Health Sciences campus is home to all medical and nursing programs offered by the university. This campus charges tuition rates of around $4,200 for Georgia residents enrolled full time. The cost for nonresidents is closer to $13,600 a semester. The university also charges a per credit rate fee for students enrolled in fewer classes that is around $283 for residents and $905 for nonresidents. Its graduate programs cost around $5,200 a semester for Georgia residents enrolled full time and $13,600 for nonresidents. If you take fewer credits, you’ll pay $430 per credit hour as a resident and $1,132 per credit as a nonresident.

To apply for financial aid, you simply need to complete and file the FAFSA, which you can do online for free. As soon as the university receives your application for financial assistance, it will work out an aid package specifically for you. You can then go online to its financial aid department to fill out scholarship applications. Both grants and loans are available for graduate students and undergrads. The university has a federal work-study program open to undergrads who need more financial aid help, and graduate students can apply for an assistantship position too.

Studying Nursing at Augusta

Augusta University offers a wide range of nursing programs at all levels. It started with a traditional bachelor’s program that awards graduates a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. You spend two years taking general education classes and some basic nursing courses before spending an additional two years taking nursing courses and doing your clinical rotations. The university later added a BSN to RN program for those who already have a nursing license. You can finish this program in two years or less. Augusta University offers this program entirely online.

The clinical nurse leader is an on-campus program open to all students, including those who do not have a nursing license and those who have a bachelor’s in another field. An online program is open to those with nursing licenses that lets them go from a BSN or an RN to an MSN. Post-graduate certificates are available in mental health nursing, pediatric nursing, acute care nursing, family nursing or adult gerontology. You also have the option of enrolling in its nursing anesthesia program, which is one of the only ones of its type in the state.

The university also offers a traditional or hybrid PhD nursing program and several Doctor of Nursing Practice programs. Online programs are available in general nursing or executive nursing. Augusta University also offers DNP hybrid programs that combine online and offline learning in mental health nursing, family nursing and pediatric nursing.


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