March 29, 2023

Five Ways to Build a Good Relationship With Professors in Your Online Health Informatics Degree Program


If you want to do well in your online courses, you need to build a strong relationship with the professors in your online health informatics degree program. When you build a good relationship with your professors, they will do everything they can to help you succeed. In addition, they will be happy to give you glowing letters of recommendation when you need them in the future. To help you out, here are five ways to build a good relationship with professors in your online health informatics degree program.

1. Communicate as Much as Possible

When you communicate with your professors regularly, it shows them that you are engaged with the course material and excited to be taking the class. You can communicate with your professors through email, online office hours, Blackboard, chat sessions and social media. Ask your professors for help. Ask them for clarification about points you don’t understand. Ask them for ways you can improve your learning experience. It isn’t crucial what you ask them. The important thing is that you keep a dialogue going with them to show them that you care.

2. Participate in the Online Discussions

One of the pet peeves for professors is when students fail to participate in discussions. You can quickly build a good relationship with an online professor by actively participating in the topics that are discussed on your class’ message board. Don’t write one-sentence responses in your discussions. Give thoughtful, well-articulated responses that add value to the discussion. Do not just do the minimum amount required. Try to go above the class discussion requirements whenever possible to stand out and make your professors happy.

3. Don’t Be the Problem Student

Almost every class a professor teaches brings with it at least a few problem students. These are the students who are constantly turning in assignments late or asking for extensions. They don’t read the syllabus carefully and then complain when their lack of knowledge about the class expectations comes back to haunt them later in the semester. Don’t do these things that make your professor’s life miserable. Always be professional, turn things in on time and know the syllabus to build a positive relationship with your online health informatics degree program professors.

4. Make Them Mentors

Your professors are experts in their fields. When that field is health informatics, then you should ask them for advice. They will be flattered and eager to share their wealth of knowledge with you. You should ask your health informatics professors for advice about books to read, internships to pursue, courses to take and career paths to follow. If your professor becomes a mentor, it will create a lifelong bond between you that will greatly benefit your career.

5. Keep the Relationship Alive After the Class Ends

Once they have their grades, most students never talk to their professors again. That is a big mistake. You should always keep in touch with the professors in your online health informatics degree program when you have built a good relationship with them. They can help to guide you through the rest of the program by suggesting courses you can take to improve your learning experience. They may also be able to help you network in the health informatics field, introducing you to job opportunities and people in the field who can help your career.

It is not hard to build a good relationship with the professors in your online health informatics degree program. Be an active participant and communicate with them as much as possible. When you show passion and professionalism in your courses, you will stand out and make a great impression on your instructors. This will benefit your education and your career after you graduate.


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