March 30, 2023

Five Résumé Tips for Health Care Management Graduates

A lot of young people out there could probably use some healthcare management resume tips for graduates. Fortunately, there are a lot of areas you can focus on when crafting a resume for a healthcare management position that are unique to this field and will help you find a job much faster. The purpose of this guide is to offer some tips for crafting a winning resume to get a healthcare management job.

1. Focus On Management Experience And Healthcare Knowledge

For healthcare administrators, management expertise and knowledge of the healthcare system are paramount and should be part of your healthcare management resume. If you have done any work or have any experience in these areas at all, even if it’s somewhat unrelated (like working management in retail or fast food), include it on your resume. It’s still experience that you can use to show that you have worked in these areas before and have a good idea of what you’re doing – that you’ve been put in charge and someone trusted you to manage others before. Volunteer work, while unpaid, is still legitimate experience – the vast majority of employers consider volunteer experience valuable in prospective employees.

2. Focus On Relevant Skills

As a recent graduate, you might not have a lot of experience, which can make getting a job in healthcare management quite difficult. One of the ways you can combat this is to focus on the skills you have that will make you a good fit for the position when writing your healthcare management resume. For example, have you ever worked before with or were trained on healthcare management-specific technologies or software that are commonly in use at healthcare facilities? Have you ever been responsible for fundraising or had to write out a grant proposal that successfully funded what you needed? Another important skill for a healthcare management resume is the ability to work with different groups or types of professionals, as that is something healthcare managers must do.

3. Include Any Memberships Or Credentials

If you are a member of any professional healthcare management organization, that’s something you should include on your resume as a healthcare management graduate. If you aren’t, looking into joining one if you can (some are only open to professionals currently working in the industry) could be a major feather in your cap, as it shows you are serious about this field and growing a career in it. Other credentials that can help your standing include a publishing credit in any well-regarded industry publication, participation in meaningful research projects or any awards you have earned.

4. Infuse A Bit Of Your Personality

This can be difficult to do well and it’s important to do it right. But including hobbies if they are relevant to show more about your personality and drive to prospective employers can be a smart move. For example, if you have held leadership positions in community organizations, that can show that you enjoy leadership and are respected by others – great traits for someone in management. Or if any of your interests have to do with the healthcare industry. Another good thing to add is any foreign language study or ability, as it is highly desirable for employees in this field to be able to speak a secondary language.

5. Don’t Forget The Basics

You are writing a resume, and so the normal rules all still apply: make sure there are no errors in punctuation or spelling, focus on accomplishments rather than duties, format the resume uniformly, use a lot of action verbs and quantify information as much as possible. You will also need to decide whether you wish to go with the chronological or functional style, and understand the pros and cons of each.

Follow the modern resume advice as well as take the time to appeal specifically to people looking to hire healthcare managers and assistant managers. Consider these healthcare management graduate resume tips and go craft a killer resume that will be sure to get your application noticed!

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