November 23, 2020
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Five Reasons to Study Public Health


The extensive public health field is a unique area of study providing many professional job opportunities for those who enjoy helping others. Public health combines different academic areas for a multidisciplinary approach to the health care field. There are many reasons why people choose the public health field, but these are the most common.

1. Job Security

The need for public health workers in every sector is expected to grow for the foreseeable future. With most graduates finding job prospects directly after college, the unemployment rate for public health professionals remains low. As more awareness is raised about the benefits of public health programs, these workers will be in even higher demand.

2. Professional Variety

Another desirable trait of the public health field is the extreme variety of professions and areas of upward mobility. In the public health field, someone can create public health policies, develop medical care programs, analyze health statistics or work in communities educating about ways to stay healthy. Along with the variety of jobs, public health workers can choose to work in schools, government or private companies. International and local organizations have a need for public health workers as well. There are may avenues to pursue.

3. Solve Problems

Public health experts are problem solvers that routinely find solutions to community and global health issues. People who work in public health enjoy the challenges associated with fighting diseases and developing prevention programs. The ability to identify health risks and then initiate a plan to resolve them, keeps workers engaged in their jobs. They determine the needs of a community through personal interactions and statistical data. Then they use that data, along with ethical considerations for the community members, to make plans for resolving the issues.

4. Help Others

Many public health employees become interested in this field to improve the health and well being of other people and communities. One of the most rewarding benefits for public health is knowing that they are making a lasting impression to improve society. Many public health workers are directly involved in local communities and can see an immediate impact from their work. They are responsible for educating the public and bringing health awareness to local communities. On the community level, they can track statistical data to determine local health problems and advocate for those people.

5. Worldwide Impact

Besides helping out at the community level, public health professionals are also involved in worldwide policy initiatives. They are able to make a global presence by guiding public policy and international programs aimed towards improving health in developing nations and preventing disease outbreaks. Some public health fields gather data to determine trends and analyze statistics to develop plans for reducing health-related problems in specific geographic regions. Others use those reports to help initiate policy changes through international organizations that will make a permanent change for the improvement of those societies.

People who study public health enjoy the benefits of combining multiple disciplines within the health care field. They have many possibilities for a career path with plenty of jobs available and potential for growth in their chosen field. Knowing that they are making a lifelong difference can be the most rewarding reason to study public health.

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