March 29, 2023

Five Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs


Five Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs

  • Quality Improvement Coordinator (RN)
  • Informatics Nurse
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Clinical Educator
  • Patient Advocate

Quality Improvement Coordinator (RN)

Quality improvement coordinators perform much of the administrative tasks in a healthcare facility. Their main objective is to establish and implement various strategies meant to improve the quality of patient care. They also participate in the budget formulation and look for new ways to save money while keeping the quality of care as high as possible. This position requires at least bachelor’s degree in nursing or any other related field. One must also be a registered nurse(RN). According to PayScale, the median salary for quality improvement coordinators is $68,864 per year. The lowest-paid individual gets $49,339 while the highest-paid gets $97,431.

Informatics Nurse

Informatics nurses take care of the IT processes and procedures within a healthcare center. They focus on training and educating other staff members on how to use new systems and technologies that come in the facility. They also work with other IT professionals and vendors to ensure everyone fully explores the technologies put in place. In order to become an informatics nurse, one must have a degree in nursing with a concentration in IT. Becoming a registered nurse (RN) is recommended for faster employment and increased opportunities for job growth. Informatics nurses earn an average salary of $76,985 per year. The lowest paid informatics nurse earns $55,573, which is very lucrative for a starting position. The best-paid earn as high as $105,476.

Rehabilitation Counselor

Rehabilitation counselors work with people who have emotional and physical disabilities. Their main goal is to help such people live a healthy, comfortable and independent life by coaching them on how to manage the social, personal and professional effects of emotional and physical disabilities. They first evaluate their clients’ abilities, skills, health, education and experience before recommending a proper treatment. Those who want to enter into this profession can pursue a degree in nursing with a concentration in social work or psychology. They can also choose to pursue a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling to improve their employment prospects. Rehabilitation counselors earn an average salary of $44,631 per year, with the lowest-paid and the highest-paid individual getting $28,716 and $64,527 respectively.

Clinical Educator

Clinical educators work to teach patients how to manage their illnesses. They also teach healthy individuals about the practices they can embrace to prevent diseases and live healthy lives. They cover topics such as nutrition, dietary plans and healthy habits. This job requires at least a bachelor’s degree in health education or health promotion. Other positions might require a master’s degree. Clinical educators earn an average salary of $75,634 per year, with a range between $55,543 and $104,128.

Patient Advocate

Patient advocates work with other healthcare professionals by answering their questions and concerns regarding treatment procedures and methodologies. They schedule patient appointments, welcome visitors, manage medical treatment and charts, answer phones and interview patients for privacy forms and insurance. Patient advocates often act as liaisons between the patients and the healthcare facilities. They ensure that the patients receive the care they deserve. Most patient advocate positions require at least a high school diploma and some experience working with patients. The salary ranges between $25,976 and $55,847 per year.

The healthcare industry is a very wide field, with many job opportunities available. Those who don’t like giving shots, taking temperatures, washing patients and giving medications can always find jobs that have minimal to zero contact with patients. You can choose to become a patient advocate, clinical educator, informatics nurse, quality improvement coordinator or rehabilitation counselor.

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