March 29, 2023

Five Necessary Traits for Working in Healthcare Management


If you’re considering a career in healthcare management, there are skills you can develop right now to set yourself apart and to explore whether this field is the right fit for you. The earlier you get started on the process of exploring healthcare management, the sooner you can begin envisioning your day-to-day life and your potential for success in the industry. Are you ready to get started? Read our five necessary traits for working in healthcare management to figure it out:

Trait #1: Recognizing the leaders around you

One key trait many healthcare CEOs have is a willingness to be the approachable leader who can recognize leaders in his or her midst. Everyone can and should be a leader in healthcare because of the important and diverse roles they fill to make a hospital, a drug company or a clinic run. Make sure you’re developing that sensitivity to the strengths and the collective brilliance all people can bring to an organization when they are treated as leaders in their own right.

Trait #2: Taking your time in recruiting

Healthcare managers need to have the resoluteness and discipline not to hire too quickly. It’s difficult not to hire new doctors, RNs and CNAs when there is a shortage on the force. But a great healthcare leader is going to take her time in weighing the options and making sure the healthcare employee is the right fit for the organization.

Trait #3: A strategic mind

In healthcare management, you’re going to have to prove you can set strategies and goals for the direction of your organization. That entails being both a big thinker and a logical one at the same time. There are many competing agendas in healthcare, and it will be your job to sift through the chaff to find the most pressing and important agendas for your company.

Trait #4: Respond quickly

Healthcare does not have time to wait — and as a manager, you won’t have time either. Make it a goal to get through emails and to respond to calls within a 24-hour period. The more attentive and responsive you can be, the more trust your healthcare workforce will have in you and the more they’ll be willing to come to you with issues. They’ll know you are ready and able to solve them quickly.

Trait #5: Be the organization

Finally, healthcare industry managers understand that they stand as a reflection of the organization. Day in and day out, they must prove by the way they run their hospital or clinic, by the way they interact with doctors and nurses, by the way they run a meeting or oversee a budget — that they are an astute and involved leader. This requires discipline and steadfastness in maintaining the image of the organization through the way you choose to act every day.


In conclusion, if you’re considering a career change in the healthcare industry — or if you’re just wanting to explore areas of study while you’re still in college — then keep this guide listing the five necessary traits for working in healthcare management nearby. You’ll save yourself time and money by starting your exploratory phase now. It takes a highly-trained individual to succeed in healthcare management, but it also takes someone who is personable, disciplined and can learn managerial skills. In the process, you’ll discover the traits that you already have and the skills you still need to work on to gain success in the future.


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