November 23, 2020
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Five High-Paying Jobs in Healthcare Management


The healthcare industry is still growing and you can currently find many high paying jobs in healthcare management today. While these positions are in the healthcare industry, having administrative, accounting, human resources and management skills are important.

In the healthcare industry, you have direct lines of employment and advancement to executive level positions with proper training and education. To learn more about how you can enter this growing and diverse field check out the list of high salary healthcare positions below:

Health Information Manager

This is a data-driven role where you will be responsible for the efficiency and accuracy of data and information delivered within various departments. Health information managers can work in hospitals, private medical practices or other health related organizations.

This career sits at the crossroads of healthcare, business and information technology. Strong technology, data and information security skills are essential for this position.

Career seekers interested in this position are encouraged to obtain their Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) certification after completing a Bachelor of Science program.

Health Information manager salaries can reach over $81,000 per year.

Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare consultants are required to communicate with clients to pinpoint operational issues and resolutions, analyze employment figures and revenue, collect financial statements and figure out how healthcare institutions can save money and assist with carrying those changes out. This position can be performed at hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, private practices and public health organizations.

Degrees in Health Care Administration, Business or Human Resources are typical for obtaining this type of position. Because the job responsibilities are more business than health care related, individuals with excellent communication, organization and leadership skills are highly desired.

Healthcare Consultant salaries range from $47,000 – $136,000 per year.

Hospital Administrator

Hospital administrators are needed in various facilities ranging from hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient and rehabilitation clinics. This position is responsible for overseeing health services provided at these types of healthcare facilities.

Additionally, the hospital administrator is involved with interviewing doctors, managing financial budgets, securing funding for the institution, scheduling staff members and coming up with policies for better maintaining quality of care for patients and complying with governmental guidelines.

Career seekers can obtain bachelor’s or master’s degrees in healthcare administration, as well as, earn the Registered Health Information Administrator Certification to increase their chances of securing a hospital administrator position.

Hospital Administrator salaries can range from $51,000 – $172,000 per year.

Pharmaceutical Product Manager

The pharmaceutical product manager is responsible for coordinating and supervising various elements related to medical products. Investment analysis, market data reviews and promoting pharmaceutical products are all fundamental aspects to this role.

Because of the emphasis on pharmaceutical knowledge, a background or training in science is important. Additionally, managerial, business, data analysis and leadership skills are also vital to the role as well.

The typical path for securing a pharmaceutical product manager position starts with obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a science, chemical engineering or management field. You should then obtain experience either through a junior level position or an internship where you can ask to take on leadership opportunities. Finally, although not a requirement, you should consider a master’s degree as it will make you a much more desirable candidate.

Pharmaceutical Product Manager salaries can range from $120,000 – $131,000 per year.

Hospital CFO

The hospital CFO’s main responsibility is to make sure the hospital runs in the most cost efficient way possible. Hospital CFO’s are required to be results-oriented, forward thinking, innovative and have a deep understanding of finance, accounting and personnel management.

The educational requirements for this position are bachelor’s degrees, MBA’s (not mandatory) and CPA certifications. While and MBA is not a requirement, because of the competitive nature of this position it is highly desired and will set you apart from other candidates.

Hospital CFO salaries range from $106,000 – $257,000 per year.

As you can see, the healthcare industry is a growing and highly lucrative industry to enter. Keep searching for more information as these were just a few of the high paying jobs in healthcare management.


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