March 31, 2023

Five Healthcare Management Careers With an Excellent Job Outlook

Healthcare Management Careers in High Demand

  • Medical Directors
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Nursing Home Administrators
  • Health Information Managers
  • Public Health Education Supervisors

With so many exciting healthcare jobs available today, it may seem difficult finding the perfect healthcare management career. To help make this decision a bit easier, five of the most popular healthcare management occupations are discussed briefly below. All of these careers provide exceptional salaries and are currently in moderate to very high demand.

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1. Medical Directors

One great healthcare management career that has a fantastic job outlook is that of a medical director. Medical directors coordinate medical teams such that daily goals of providing quality healthcare to patients are consistently met. Alongside higher-level management, medical directors oversee essential activities including staff recruitment and promotions, training and continuing education, and implementing improvements to policies and procedures. Common work environments of medical directors include hospitals, urgent care centers, and various treatment facilities.

2. Hospital Administrators

One of the best-paying healthcare management careers today involves hospital administration. These positions are also in high demand, and according to the United States Department of Labor, additional positions will become available at a rate of about 20 percent over the next several years. These professionals are responsible for ensuring that patients receive top-quality care in hospital settings. They accomplish this by managing such things as personnel, finances, policies, and procedures.

3. Nursing Home Administrators

For healthcare management graduates who enjoy working with the elderly, obtaining a position as a nursing home administrator may be a terrific choice. Not only do these careers provide comfortable salaries, but with more and more Baby Boomers reaching their senior years, qualified nursing home professionals are currently in high demand. Typical responsibilities of nursing home administrators are many and varied but often include managing personnel, overseeing financial matters, overseeing inventory, and ensuring that policies and procedures are followed by all staff members.

4. Health Information Managers

As more healthcare facilities are storing medical information digitally, health information management positions have been rapidly increasing in demand. The primary responsibility of health information managers is to make sure that patients’ personal and medical information remains safe both on and offline. They are also responsible for classifying treatments and diseases to ensure that they are standardized for such things as insurance purposes, billing, legal issues, and clinical use.

5. Public Health Education Supervisors

Also known as health education program supervisors, public health education supervisors work closely with public health administrators to provide various healthcare programs to persons within the immediate community. These healthcare management careers are in moderate to high demand depending on location. Main duties of these professionals vary but often include supervising staff members, coordinating health education events, overseeing health education programs, and promoting programs and services.

Healthcare is an immense field that offers a broad range of exciting career possibilities. And for up and coming healthcare grads looking for healthcare management careers with an excellent job outlook, any of the five occupations described above could help them fulfill their career goals.