March 31, 2023

Five Fulfilling Jobs for Health Care Management Graduates


Are you looking to pursue a career in health care management? Most likely you want to make a positive difference in the world by helping others while earning a decent income. You should have leadership skills and a strong interest in the health care field. Luckily, there are many job opportunities once you have completed your education in health care management. The following five jobs are just a small slice of the pie when it comes to fulfilling careers within the health care management field.

Nurse Manager

As the name implies, a nurse manager supervises and oversees nursing staff within a health care facility. Additionally, they recruit and retain nurses. Excellent communication skills are a must because more often than not you will act as a direct contact for nursing staff, the healthcare facility, and doctors. Supporting patients and their families, overseeing paperwork, and managing finances will be other components of your job.

Clinical Director/Manager

Another management job in the health care profession is a clinical manager. Most likely, you will supervise many of the personnel and staff within the medical facility. Interpreting and implementing changes to improve existing conditions will be a large part of your position. You may also have the role of tracking finances, managing operations, and developing procedures. You can work for an agency that creates policies or specialize in a specific department.

Insurance Specialist

You will need to become fluent in maintaining patient records, processing insurance claims, and be proficient with medical coding. An insurance specialist is skilled in their knowledge of medical terminology and has excellent communication skills. Oftentimes, they have the responsibility of making sure Medicare and Medicaid are complicit with federal laws and could work in medical buildings, government offices, or laboratories.

Nutrition Service Manager

If you are someone who takes pride in food preparation and services, then this might be the job for you. A nutrition service manager looks out for their patients by making sure they are receiving nutritious meals. Furthermore, they develop guidelines and direct staff in developing food service within specific guidelines. A nutrition service manager can work in a hospital and consult with dieticians to create healthy and delicious meals for visitors, staff, and patients.

Medical Records Coordinator

There is a significant amount of important paperwork within the field of health care. A medical records coordinator needs to be well-informed on current privacy laws and how to manage information within health care facilities. The ability to use software to maintain records within a database is imperative and so is the skill of making sure records are accurately recorded. Attention to detail is an imperative character trait for someone who is looking for a job as a medical records coordinator.

These are just five career examples for a student graduating with a degree in Health Care Management. All of these careers will require you to not only earn a health degree in healthcare management, but to display leadership qualities, excellent communication skills and a high concern for the well-being of others.

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