December 5, 2022

Five Fulfilling Health Care Jobs for Extroverts


Five fulfilling health care jobs for extroverts are all growing in demand. Although definitions vary, a strong description of an extrovert is one who gains energy from being around other people. Yes, they need alone time but social interaction is crucial. One work area definitely conducive to their welfare is the field of health care. In fact, in this vocation, it is hard to avoid people.

Practice Manager

Administering a medium to large size medical or dental practice requires interfacing with many different people. The financial supervision, for one thing, calls for regular communication with vendors, patients and accountants. Additionally, recruiting, hiring and training personnel is not a task that can be done online. Meanwhile, a manager must impose standards and discipline upon the office staff, and manage the workflow effectively. Charged with keeping the practice in compliance with laws and professional standards, the practice manager periodically consults attorneys and outside physicians for input. These duties make practice management one of five fulfilling health care jobs for extroverts.

Public Health Social Worker

A public health social worker serves a variety of roles. Primarily, this job is to advocate for the patient and serve as a conduit between those receiving care and the institutions providing it. This may involve individual counseling; coordinating treatment and discharge schedules with family members; referring patients to outside outpatient providers after discharge; and following up on rehabilitation care. Other duties include making all the information regarding end-of-life decisions available to family members. Some of these tasks are not pleasant but the sensitive and thoughtful execution of them makes this another of five fulfilling health care jobs for extroverts.

Hospital Administrator

Hospital administrators are responsible for the coordination and direction of medical services at health care facilities. Overseeing budgets, setting rates and fees for procedures, and maintaining quality assurance are but a few of the administrator’s charges. They also evaluate physicians on staff; formulate wellness programs in consultation with in-house and external professionals; and represent the staff before the institutional governing boards. Not to be forgotten is also a fair amount of fundraising. All of these chores are people-intensive, fitting the job perfectly as one of five fulfilling health care jobs for extroverts.

Patient Care Services Director

Patient Care Services can embrace different functions at different institutions. Typically, however, patient care has nursing at its core and involves a wide array of allied health practitioners. At Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, for example, patient care services encompasses physical and occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, respiratory care providers, prosthetic specialists and chaplains. Because nursing care is central to this department, a registered nurse with years of hands-on experience normally heads up the unit, making sure each sub-unit is fully stocked with the necessary supplies; making budget requests of the administrator; and trouble-shooting physician-nurse relationships.

Public Affairs/Marketing

Hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers do not operate in a vacuum. To continue in business, they need people to avail themselves of the institution and support it financially. For this reason, health care facilities employ public relations professionals to tell their story. To this end, they must interact often with staff at all levels of the organization in search of the best narratives—new research, innovative procedures and physician profiles, e.g.— to put forth to the community. They may write mailers and brochures or produce videos and TV spots. Needless to say, it is rarely dull…or lonely.

Health care careers will generally not appeal to those who crave solitude. Especially these five fulfilling health care jobs for extroverts.

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