March 29, 2023

Five Apps to help you Succeed in Grad School

Balancing graduate school can be difficult on its own, but factoring in social commitments, work obligations, and schoolwork; it used to be impossible to stay on top of everything. In the new digital age, applications have made it easier to master your time, energy, and commitments than ever before. Below are five must-download applications to help you master your master’s degree.

Mendeley is a free reference manager and educational social media application. This program allows you to upload your work, download PDFs from websites, share content with other students around the world, and manage your resources. After creating your account, Mendeley suggests other academics to connect with; or you can search for your colleagues. Once connected, you can share your works, with full control over who can download your work, view your work, and comment on your work throughout the writing process. This application is perfect for working on your thesis or capstone project throughout your Master’s program.

Studious, an application that does a little bit of everything, offers students the opportunity to create their own timetable, maintain a planner, and now offers maps of colleges and universities (complete with pictures). The planner has capabilities to view short-term and long-term assignments and can track your study habits. Studious’ new features include the map and timetable. The timetable is a new feature allowing you to share your schedule with your friends and better plan work, academic, and social commitments; while the map is integrated and hive-sourced with pictures so you’ll never get lost again.

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a projection during class but couldn’t? Have you ever grabbed the wrong notebook when heading to class and have no past notes to reference during the learning process? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, Evernote is for you. With this application, you can access your notes on any device and easily search through your saved notes quickly and easily. It also has a unique sharing feature where you can send your notes to your study group or friend who missed class – all features compatible with iOS and Android.

Finances are tight when you’re in grad school, so Mint is a neat tool that helps you manage your money, create a budget, and pay your bills. By adding all our financial information (credit cards, bank accounts, loans, etc, you’re able to track your spending and stick to a budget. The application sends push notifications if you have unusual spending as well as tips to reduce fees and save time and money. You have apps that help manage your time and equally important is managing your money.

In order to have a sound mind and reach academic greatness, you need to have a sound body to match. MyFitnessPal is an all-in-one fitness tracker. Log your food intake and calories burnt in this easy-to-use interface. It becomes easier to make good food decisions and realize when you need to walk a little longer or hit the gym in order to reach your goal weight. The app is available on Apple and Android operating systems and can be accessed from your mobile device or computer.

There are many applications available to you that can fit any niche need you may have. These five apps are a must-have starting place for you when you step foot on campus this fall to begin your higher education program!

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