March 30, 2023

Five Apps for Healthcare Professionals

The use of mobile and web applications has become very popular in the healthcare industry for the past few years. This popularity is mainly due to the changing preferences among patients. Most patients nowadays prefer health tracking applications and measuring wearable devices such as Fitbits. Healthcare professionals have no any other choice but to use mobile or web applications to meet the changing needs of their patients. Here are the top five apps health professionals can use for effective results.


Medscape is an app developed by WebMD, a popular medical resource in the US. The app targets those interested in learning new concepts in the medical field. It covers topics from different disciplines of medicine and focuses on quality across all these fields. Those who developed this app were inspired by the lack of credible sources of information in medicine. They thus came up with a central repository to help physicians, nurses, health policy and students obtain credible information. Medscape contains over 7,000 drug references, 2,500 medical procedure videos and 3,500 disease references in its database. You can download the app for free and use it on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

QxMD Calculate

QxMD Calculate is a modern clinical tool that helps health professionals make informed decisions in their practices. It features a huge collection of medical calculators that perform to satisfy the needs of general health practitioners and students. Each calculator addresses different scores and indices that would be quite difficult to do manually. The calculators assist professionals in cardiology, internal medicine, obstetrics, general surgery and oncology. The QxMD Calculate works on both Android and iOS devices. Its elegant and simple interface makes it convenient for all types of users.

Cerner Ambulatory

The Cerner Ambulatory app helps healthcare professionals manage their workflow. The app has highly customizable charts that can be used by physicians to track specific daily activities and manage important records. This may include the number of patients treated, medical records, prescriptions, notes or any other important item. The app largely reduces the amount of paperwork, saving time and money in the process. The app also streamlines every process in the office by synchronizing each step. It works on iPad, iPhone and Android. It is free to download and use.


Epocrates helps healthcare professionals acquire more information about certain treatment methods. Doctors can easily look up drug details, inquire about other professionals and calculate patient measurements. They can also benefit from features such as pill identifier and drug interaction checker. The free version mainly enables doctors to know more about drugs and their interaction. The paid version offer additional features such as lab guides, disease information and alternative medications. It goes for $159.99 per year. The app works on both iOS and Android devices and is free to download.


ReferralMD is a mobile and web application that offers solutions designed to help monetize healthcare referrals and reduce all the related costs. This app aims to reduce the cost of paperwork related to referrals, insurance authorizations and documentation by automating the transactions involved. The app also enables all the primary care providers and specialists to effectively control the cross-organizational referral communications and measure the performance of their facilities. This in turn helps them improve the quality of healthcare while at the same time keeping the communication costs as low as possible. ReferralMD works in both Android and iOS devices.

The quality of healthcare largely depends on the tools the professionals use to perform various tasks. The apps discussed above have proved to be highly beneficial for healthcare professionals who want to expand their knowledge base and enhance efficiency in their practices.

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