March 29, 2023

5 Excellent Hospital Systems to Work For

These Are Five of the Best Hospital Systems to Work For

  • Mayo Clinic
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • New York Presbyterian Hospital Columbia and Cornell

A person who is planning a career in healthcare should know about these five excellent hospital systems to work for in the United States. These are all large hospital systems, and their size gives them a lot of flexibility in offering a lot of perks that a smaller healthcare system may not be able to provide. Each of these excellent hospital systems is located in a large metropolitan area.

5 Excellent Hospital Systems to Work For

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1. Mayo Clinic

Founded in 1889 in Rochester, Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic is a large teaching hospital and healthcare system. It has its own medical school, the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. The system also operates hospitals in Arizona and Florida, and it has more than 19 satellite hospitals across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Employees are able to move between those hospitals as they desire. Known for its immersive wellness experience, the Mayo clinic is responsible for innovating the heart-lung bypass machine.

2. Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital, located in Boston, is the teaching hospital for Harvard University. Founded in 1811, it is home to the nation’s largest hospital-based medical research program. More than 30 specialties of medicine have research departments on the hospital’s campus. It has a main campus and nine satellite health centers that are located throughout the Boston area. It operates a campus shuttle system for employees and patients to use for traveling between the main hospital and satellite locations.

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins Hospital was founded in 1889. It is known as one of the best hospitals for children with rare health conditions. As a research hospital, it affords physicians and other healthcare workers the opportunity to work in the lab as well as in the clinical setting. The doctors have made significant discoveries in Alzheimer’s disease, renal dialysis, and pacemaker technology. Patients appreciate its Center for Music & Medicine, which offers integrated therapy for people with dementia and terminal illnesses.

4. Cleveland Clinic

Founded in 1921, the Cleveland Clinic, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is a teaching hospital. It has 44 buildings on its campus. It also included regional offices throughout the United States. It sees more heart patients than any other hospital in the USA. For patients, it is known for art and music therapy facilities and a boutique where cancer patients can get a free wig or hairpiece. Employees know it as a center for innovation in transplant surgery and methods.

5. New York Presbyterian Hospital Columbia and Cornell

According to U.S. News and World Report, another one of the top five hospital systems to work for in the United States is New York Presbyterian Hospital Columbia and Cornell, located in New York City. It was founded in 1998, after a merger of the New York Hospital and the Presbyterian Hospital, which date back to 1771 and 1868, respectively. It is a teaching hospital, trauma center, and surgical center. Dr. George Papanicolaou of the former New York Hospital created the Pap smear test for cervical cancer.

All five of these excellent hospital systems to work for offers a full spectrum of employee perks and benefits. They also offer opportunities for advancement and professional development. Anyone interested in exploring a healthcare or healthcare administration career should carefully consider each of these five excellent hospital systems to work for in the United States.