March 29, 2023

5 Podcasts for Nursing Professionals

Podcasts for Nursing Professionals

Podcasts for nursing professionals are a great way for these highly-trained individuals to keep up with news, trends and general information relevant to the nursing profession. Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded from the internet and listened to on computers, phones, and other electronic devices. Podcasts are popular because they can be listened to at any time or place. Whether an individual is an LPN, an RN, or an APRN, there is something a nursing professional can gain by listening to nursing podcasts. Here are 5 popular podcasts for nursing professionals.

1. John Hopkins Medicine Podcasts

This site offers a variety of short podcasts on some of the top medical stories out there. Listeners don’t have to worry about being bored or not having enough time because most of the podcasts are only about a minute long. However, listeners do have access to longer podcasts. Despite being so short, they offer nurses some of the latest information on medicine and are free of charge. All listeners have to do is subscribe to iTunes. This podcast, given by many experts at John Hopkins, includes information on some of the latest and hottest scientific, medical health-based policy issues.

2. Travel Nursing Insider Podcast

Although any nursing professionals can listen to this podcast, it’s especially helpful and interesting to traveling nurses. Working as a traveling nurse involves much of the same responsibilities as other nurses face but with even more challenges. The Travel Nursing Insider Podcast, brought to you by Onward Healthcare, covers most of these challenges and more. They hear the latest advice and insight from experts in the traveling nursing industry. Also available on this podcast is information on travel nurse jobs throughout the country. Specialties for traveling nurses, traveling nurse myths and social media for traveling nurses are just a few of the many topics covered on this podcast.

3. A Cup of Health with CDC

This podcast, which is sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), covers a wide range of facts and statistics. Almost anything a nursing professional could want to hear about regarding current and past diseases can be found on the Cup of Health with CDC podcast. The podcasts are anywhere from two to six minutes in duration, but listeners gain a lot of knowledge in these short sessions. They offer valuable information on health issues that nursing professionals can use to educate their patients. Topics include Zika virus infection, the AIDs epidemic, toxic shock syndrome, swine influenza, and measles epidemics and many more.

4. NPR- Your Health Podcast

This podcast offers not just health-related commentaries but also the latest news on healthcare, personal health, diet, medicine, and healthy recipes. This podcast is especially beneficial to individuals with limited access to healthcare or healthcare news. Some popular topics listeners might hear include info on calorie counting, eating for a healthier life, mental health issues, pregnancies, opioid overdoses, and addictions, among many others. Listeners can subscribe to the podcasts as well as to monthly newsletters. They’re also offered various other subject topics from which to choose.

5. Almost a Nurse

While this podcast is mostly aimed at nursing students, it also offers various information beneficial to current, licensed nurses. It’s given by a one-time nursing student and chronicles his path towards becoming a nurse. The podcast covers the joys, fun, work challenges and everything in between right up until after he graduated. Anything nursing students might want to know can probably be found on this podcast. Listeners can also archive older podcasts if there is something they happened to miss.

Nurse Journal states that listening to nursing podcasts can be a great way to keep up with the nursing profession whether the individual is a current nursing professional, an unemployed nursing profession or someone who is not yet ready to earn his or her nursing degree. With so many podcasts for nursing professionals available, the listener can choose the one that best meets their interest level and career aspirations.