March 31, 2023

5 Podcasts for Healthcare Management Professionals

Five Great Podcasts on Healthcare Management

  • Code Red
  • The Healthcare Policy Podcast
  • TEDTalks Health Podcast
  • 2 Docs Talk
  • The 10 Minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast

Healthcare management is a demanding and consistently evolving field – and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the most lucrative. Professionals working in healthcare management must consistently educate themselves about new developments in their field, from technological tools to legal changes.

Podcasts, blogs, and online video series are all great ways for healthcare management professionals to continue their education. Here are five great podcasts on healthcare management.

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  1. Code Red

    Code Red is a must-listen podcast on healthcare management and cybersecurity. Created and updated by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Code Red discusses the relationship between healthcare and technology and advises listeners on how to best protect healthcare information systems from cybersecurity attacks, and what tools to employ to guard against this very real threat to healthcare systems.

  2. The Healthcare Policy Podcast

    The Healthcare Policy Podcast is hosted by David Introcaso. It addresses a wide array of healthcare policy issues and developing policy, ranging from the Affordable Healthcare Act and Medicaid to public health and private sector healthcare. For professionals already working in this arenas or students interested in entering them, the Healthcare Policy Podcast is a necessity.

  3. TEDTalks Health Podcast

    TEDTalks has long informed and illuminated the world on a broad variety of subjects, from medicine to finance. The TEDTalks Health Podcasts chooses the best of talks on healthcare management, public health, medical discoveries, and other related topics and broadcasts them via a weekly podcast.

    While this podcast is a far-ranging one, it’s worth a listen – no matter what area of healthcare you’re in.

  4. 2 Docs Talk Podcast

    While this podcast is presented principally for the benefit of patients, healthcare management professionals working on the consumer side of the counter can glean significant insight from listening to it. Drs. Kendall Britt and Amy Rogers address a variety of topics relating to patient care and is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals who want to improve patient experience and cut the bloat from their practices in order to do so.

  5. The 10 Minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast

    Most podcasts are an hour long, but this bite-sized podcast is easy to digest during your morning coffee, your daily yoga session, or your nighttime run. The 10 Minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast provides timely and insightful tips on how healthcare professionals can improve their branding and marketing strategies and see greater results in profit and patient satisfaction.

Each of these podcasts represents a different aspect of healthcare management and the healthcare field as a whole. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, and clinicians alike will gain valuable knowledge by giving any of them a listen – and improve the lives of their patients and their organization’s function as a whole.