March 31, 2023

5 Innovative American Hospitals

Finding a Better Way Forward: Five American Hospitals Setting the Pace in Creative Innovation

  • Miami Baptist Hospital
  • Griffin Hospital
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital

For those who have ever wondered if the hospital could just do things in a somehow better way, there are many hospitals saying “yes” to that very quandary today. From unique, anxiety-relieving settings to streamlined patient processing, some US hospitals are really finding ways forward. Here are five, great examples of that very spirit of innovation in American hospitals today.

5 Innovative American Hospitals

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1. Miami Baptist Hospital

Not too long ago, the administration at Miami Baptist Hospital decided to take on service accountability to such a great extent that patients would always be able to have access to important administrative contact points at every stage of their visit. This was then set up via an extensive system of care administrators, with each physician and nurse in the hospital being overseen by an administrator and every patient being given that administrator’s contact information freely. This level of accountability has drastically improved patient satisfaction and outcomes at the hospital.

2. Griffin Hospital

Sometimes, paying attention to the simple things can help to bring about the very best innovative change. That’s exactly what Darby, Connecticut’s Griffin Hospital has done. Here, patients are greeted warmly and directly by staff and soothing music. Extra endearing care is given to each patient here, and even the psychiatric wing of the hospital is set up to look and feel like a welcoming home as opposed to just another section of a hospital. Additionally, the hospital takes things to the next level by openly posting its patient satisfaction numbers on its website for all to see.

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital

Baltimore, Maryland is home to one of the United States’ most overall advanced and thus innovative hospitals. Johns Hopkins Hospital consistently boasts the most advanced surgical and imaging equipment in the industry, and according to the trusted rating system of U.S. News and World Report, holds many departments ranking among the top, 10, best specialty departments in a hospital in the whole country. It is also ranked as Maryland’s best hospital.

4. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in Memphis, Tennessee, is widely regarded as the best children’s hospital, but in general, this is also a leading innovator among all kinds of hospitals nationwide. St. Jude prides itself on always using the latest and greatest breakthroughs in medical technology and even started the game-changing and very lifesaving Pediatric Cancer Genome Project in 2010. This project, a world-leading, revolutionary method to understand childhood cancer and subsequent therapies, even publishes its findings publicly for all others to benefit from.

5. St. Louis Children’s Hospital

At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, innovation is a real component across all of the hospital’s overall theme. This pertains to cutting edge medical training in all staff as well as the ongoing use of industry-leading tools and technology. Here, the largest and most advanced pediatric lung transplant program is run as well as a leading heart failure treatment program that handles an astounding, 600 heart catheterizations per year.

If innovation drives success, then innovation should be an important component to every hospital’s methods of operation. While all hospitals do try their best to provide top patient outcomes, those with highly innovative approaches, systems, tools, and training are typically far more capable of consistently providing the very best outcomes across all types of presenting conditions. These five, above-mentioned hospitals are some of those really doing it right when it comes to innovating the way ahead.