March 31, 2023

5 Healthcare Management Jobs that Involve Travel

Travel Jobs for Healthcare Professionals

  • Travel Nurse Recruiter
  • Sales Rep
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Home Healthcare Manager
  • Insurance Claim Specialist

When many people think of travel healthcare jobs, they think about nursing positions, but some healthcare management jobs involve travel too. These are good positions for those who have the freedom to travel and those who don’t mind being away from home for a while. Though some positions only require a few days of travel each month, others ask that workers spend weeks away from home at a time. Those with healthcare management experience will find some interesting jobs available.

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1. Travel Nurse Recruiter

Traveling nurses often work in facilities that have a hard time finding trained workers. They might cover other nurses who take time off to have children, but they can also work in hospitals that have a shortage of nurses. While some companies specialize in finding nurses to fill those positions through online means, other use nursing recruiters. A nurse recruiter is someone who looks for qualified nurses who can handle travel jobs. They often work in the field and consult with nurses working in hospitals and other facilities. Recruiters are responsible for doing interviews in the field, managing their time and handling a large amount of paperwork.

2. Sales Rep

Medical sales is one of the top grossing industries in the world today. Those who work in medical sales rep positions will visit hospitals and other types of facilities to talk to doctors and administrators about why they should use their company’s products over those made by others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, technical and scientific sales reps make more than $90,000 a year. They must have a strong understanding of medical and scientific terminology and know how to work long hours on their own. Medical sales reps might spend weeks in the field at a time.

3. Healthcare Consultant

Anyone who has strong administrative experience and an understanding of the healthcare industry may find work as a healthcare consultant. Consultants can specialize in almost any area of healthcare. They might work in human resources and help facilities understand what employees need, or they can work in recruiting and help those facilities find new employees to fill any positions. Healthcare consultants often have one base of operations and move from that base to work in facilities in a specific region. Some companies offer help to medical facilities across the country.

4. Home Healthcare Manager

As the number of older people in the country grows, the need for home healthcare workers will also grow. These workers visit the homes of their clients and help them with daily living tasks such as cleaning their homes and making their meals. Home health aides can handle some of the same tasks that nurses do, including dispensing medicine and monitoring vital signs. A home healthcare manager is someone who oversees the work of those aides. They often visit homes to see workers in the field and to make sure that clients get the right services.

5. Insurance Claim Specialist

Another of the healthcare management jobs that involve travel is an insurance claim specialist. Though home and auto insurance providers hire specialists, they can also find work for companies that offer life and health insurance. They are the ones who meet with clients in their homes to go over what they need and help them find the right policies. Specialists must have management experience because they will usually spend more time in the field than in an office.

Travel healthcare jobs include more than just nursing positions. Some of the top healthcare management jobs that involve travel include consultant and sales rep jobs.