March 29, 2023

5 Government Jobs in Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is a growing field by necessity, as the number of healthcare jobs increase in response to our growing population. The growing number of specific healthcare problems facing our country today, such as cancer, addiction and obesity, are also responsible for the generation of new jobs in healthcare. The more jobs there are, the more people are required to handle managerial responsibility. The government is no exception; government healthcare management jobs are projected to increase much faster than those of other industries, growing by as much as 17% through 2024. Many different local, state and federal agencies employ healthcare workers, and this increase reflects the addition of thousands of new jobs across the board.

Here are 5 government jobs in healthcare management, which are projected to be a part of this rapid growth in career opportunities. These jobs pay well, with median earnings of $96,500 annually, and they offer the kind of benefits which can only be found in government work:

Health Systems Administrator

An HSA directs the day-to-day operations of a hospital, a supply distributor, or other major organization within the healthcare industry. Their responsibilities shift day-to-day, but are concerned in general with the full range of such an organization’s functionality. They are ultimately responsible for maintaining communication between specialized professionals, and ensuring that every department under their supervision has the necessary resources and personnel that they require to discharge their own responsibilities effectively.

Medical Records Administrator

Personal medical records are maintained by a wide range of organizations, including agencies and bureaus within the United States government. These records need to be kept up to date, and synchronized with copies kept in different locations across multiple organizations. Ensuring the accuracy and appropriate availability of medical records makes it easier to ensure public health and proper medical care efficiently, with all of a patient’s prior history in mind. It also helps to ensure suitability for particular functions within the government, most notably within the military. The medical records administrator ensures that all proper filing, access, and transfer protocols are followed within a givern organization, facility, or system.

Public Health Manager

Many government agencies employ public health officers tasked with a variety of important responsibilities. These include evaluating, analyzing and monitoring current threats to public health, developing and implementing strategies to mitigate these threats, and keeping the general public informed — without causing a panic. Managerial responsibilities within these departments are a mixed bag of coordination, administration, and field work, combining management functions with support for subordinates’ hands-on functions as needed.

Consumer Safety Advisor

The Consumer Product Safety Comission is a branch of the federal government which oversees and administers regulations in regard to the safety of products marketed and sold within the United States. While it is frequently overlooked by qualified healthcare professionals, the CPSC employs such individuals in many managerial and administrative roles. Advisors within the agency are responsible for evaluating reports of unsafe products or practices, coordinating recalls, and keeping lines of communication open so as to ensure that measures undertaken for the public’s safety are carried out quickly and efficiently.

Public Health Advisor

Many of the CDC’s programs operate overseas. Some of these are concerned with American territory, or our military presence abroad. Others are focused internationally, assisting in the confrontation of health threats for the greater good of Americans and others. Public health advisors function in a directorial capacity within these programs, coordinating and administering their efforts, while also functioning as a liaison between personnel located outside of the United States and the agency’s administration back home.

Some of these jobs have overlapping functions for redundancy, to ensure that no important information is lost. This adds a level of responsibility to government healthcare management jobs, requiring that they interact efficiently — not only with subordinates, but with their counterparts in other agencies. The American healthcare system is one of the most efficient in the world, in part due to this intricate arrangement of managerial responsibilities.


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