March 29, 2023

5 Conferences for Nurses in 2021

5 Conferences for Nursing Professionals

  • The 31st International Nursing Research Congress
  • TravCon
  • AAHMP Annual Assembly
  • NAHN Annual Conference
  • Society for Pediatric Nurses Annual Conference

Nursing is a rewarding, challenging, and constantly changing field — which is why conferences for nurses are so beneficial. These gatherings are designed to communicate new information, from changing healthcare laws to new treatment options for specific conditions. Nurses can choose from a variety of general and discipline-specific conferences.

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1. The 31st International Nursing Research Congress

For nurses who are interested in the research aspects of their job, the International Nursing Research Congress is a fascinating nursing conference. This annual event, which is hosted by Sigma, is designed to improve scholarship in the field of nursing. Attendees include nurse researchers, clinical practitioners, students, and other healthcare leaders. For professionals who practice in foreign countries, this conference is a great opportunity to network and find out about new developments in the field; it’s also a chance to find open jobs with international nursing companies. Some of the topics covered at this conference include building healthier communities, educating the public about health, and working with vulnerable groups.

2. TravCon

One of the newer conferences for nursing professionals is TravCon. As its name suggests, this conference is directed toward travel nurses and other traveling healthcare workers. It targets the needs and concerns of nurses who take on short-term assignments around the country or the world. Session topics might cover building a social network during a travel-nursing stint, learning medical Spanish, or working on Native American reservations. New to travel nursing? There’s also a boot camp to help nurses prepare for the stresses and challenges of a traveling position. The 2020 event will be the 20th TravCon.

3. AAHMP Annual Assembly

Nurses who work in hospice settings often have a different focus that nurses in fields such as med-surg or long-term care. That’s why the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine’s Annual Assembly was created — to help nurses provide excellent care in the final stages of a patient’s life. Sessions at this nurse conference cover topics such as new developments in palliative care technology, telehealth clinics, and managing pediatric symptoms. This conference is known for its highly specific educational topics that are designed to give actionable tips to attendees. In 2020, this conference is scheduled for March 18-21 in San Diego, California.

4. NAHN Annual Conference

For nurses who work with Hispanic patients, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses Annual Conference is a useful educational opportunity. Like NAHN itself, this conference focuses on the unique needs of Hispanic healthcare professionals and patients. Membership and the conference are open to everyone. During the event, experienced nurses, community leaders, and healthcare professionals give talks and workshops. Each one is designed to help healthcare workers better serve their Hispanic patient base. This conference takes place in Miami from July 14-17, 2020.

5. Society for Pediatric Nurses Annual Conference

In 2020, the Society for Pediatric Nurses will host its 30th Annual Conference in Anaheim, California. Nurses who work with children can find tremendous value in this meeting. To help attendees get the most from the conference, there are six different tracks: clinical practice, education, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, research, and leadership and management. A practicing nurse might take the clinical practice track to learn about new techniques in healthcare and communication. A nursing director might benefit more from the leadership and management track.

As the nursing field changes and healthcare technology develops at a rapid pace, it’s easy to get behind. By attending RN conferences, nurses have access to the latest information, all in one place.