March 29, 2023

Master’s in Healthcare Management Degrees in Nevada – D-N

Throughout the state of Nevada, a variety of colleges and universities are offering graduate training in the growing field of Health Care Management. With a population of just over 40,000 people, most areas of employment have been sluggish with the notable exception of Health Care. According to the latest employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical and Health Services Managers in Nebraska earned an average annual salary of $98,460 as of May 2012, and there is an expected job growth of 22 percent through 2020. To meet the continually growing demand for quality Health Care Managers, Nebraska offers several options for top quality accredited Master’s Programs in Degree in Health Care Management through the many Universities and Colleges throughout Nevada.

National University

The School of Health and Human Services

Founded in 1971, National University is the 12th largest private, nonprofit institution of higher education in the United States. The University is headquartered in La Jolla, California and offers academic Degree Programs at campuses located throughout the state of California, as well as in Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Virginia through an online learning environment. National University has a mission “ to make lifelong learning opportunities accessible, challenging, and relevant to a diverse student population”. The University has five schools and one college, including:

  • School of Business and Management
  • School of Education
  • School of Engineering and Computing
  • School of Health and Human Services
  • School of Professional Studies
  • College of Letters and Sciences

National University provides programs that are student-centered, success-oriented, and have a proven balance of theoretical and practical attributes. With Health Care as the largest industry in the United States, continuous medical advances combined with an aging population have created an increasing demand for Health Care, health science, and community health professionals. National works to help fill this growing need with various graduate level degree’s in the area of Health Care Management.

Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree Program is designed to prepare students for future leadership positions in health promotion and disease prevention, community mental health or public Health Care administration. Public Health involves combined strategies in solving health related problems and promoting social justice with programs serving the public at local, state, federal, and global levels. The MPH program emphasizes the use of quantitative and qualitative skills required in problem solving while enhancing the communication skills required in working with diverse populations. Graduates have the opportunity for growth and job placement through a required internship as well as a capstone experience.
Learning Outcomes for the MPH program include:

  • Ability to Analyze and interpret health data
  • Illustration of distribution and determinants of disease, disabilities and death in human populations
  • Evaluate environmental factors affecting the health of a community
  • Analyze planning, organization, administration and policies of health care organizations
  • Apply social justice and social and behavioral sciences principle that are relevant to the identification and solution of public health problems

Master of Health Care Administration

The Master of Health Care Administration (MHA) Degree Program prepares students for entry level and middle management roles within Health Care organizations. Coursework for the program allows students to learn about the management and administration of a Health Care organization by focusing on medical knowledge, health care, and administrative responsibilities. Program focus is increasing student’s knowledge in the administration of health care services and programs through a variety of courses in general management and health care administration while emphasizing conceptual and analytical skills to understand and manage in a Health Care organization. Students are required to take an internship and a capstone experience, enhancing their opportunities for professional growth and job placement through carefully planned internships and a capstone experience. Program Learning Outcomes include:

  • Solving complex problems in a Health Care environment by using analytical skills.
  • Establishing strategic priorities of a Health Care organization relevant to the needs and values of the community served.
  • Using financial analysis to explain financial and accounting information, and make long-term investment decisions for a Health Care organization.
  • Apply concepts of Health Care management for Health Care organizations.
  • Utilize administrative and clinical information technology and decision-support tools in process and performance improvement.
  • Apply the principles of quality management for improving outcomes in Health Care organizations.
  • Create best practices in Health Care leadership.
  • Evaluate ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the Health Care industry.

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Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA)
Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC)
Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH)

Nevada Colleges and Universities are providing top quality, fully accredited Master’s Degree Programs in Health Care Management and Administration in order to meet the growing demand for health care professionals. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the job market in Health Care Management and Administration services should continue to grow well into the year 2022. The annual mean salary for Health Care managers in Nevada is $95,850, well above the national averages and those with Master’s Level Degree’s from an accredited program can earn significantly more. With so many excellent options for a Health Care Management Degree in Nevada, the time to pursue this exciting career path is now.