March 29, 2023

With a Healthcare Management Degree, Where Will I Be Qualified to Work?

Healthcare is currently the largest industry in the United States, including a rapid increase in individuals working with the field of Healthcare management. With a degree in healthcare management there are many fields of employment you can pursue. Those positions and the level of responsibilities are dependent on the level of education and the degree you have chosen. Salaries can range from $35,000 to over $100,000 based on job experience and education.

Healthcare Manager in Hospitals and Nursing Care Facilities

Of the 315,400 jobs in Healthcare Management in 2012, the majority were careers in a hospital or nursing care facility setting. These healthcare managers are responsible for the everyday operation and management of the facility as coordinating scheduling. They are also responsible for hiring and placement of employees within the facility. They will often be responsible for creating and implementing policy for the staff. In many cases, they will evaluate and implement the duties of medical, non-medical and maintenance staff.

Responsibilities consist of setting budget, raising money for operation of the facility and working as a spokesperson between management and unions within the facility. Healthcare managers supervise research and development for their system and improve relationships within the communities they are working within. Positions can include overseeing the entire facility or a specific department within the hospital.

Healthcare Managers as Physicians and Private Practitioners

Some physicians are now choosing to act as their own healthcare manager. They may do so by earning a certification in healthcare management by an accredited university. Some may choose to hire a trained healthcare manager to oversee their practice. The responsibility of a healthcare manager in a private practice setting depends on the size and scope of the practice. These may include day-to-day operations of the office, hiring and setting policies for the office and overall implementation of procedures to keep the office running efficiently and financially productive.

Healthcare Managers in Insurance Companies

Healthcare management opportunities are also available working for Health Insurance Companies. Some of the daily responsibilities include managing claims departments, working as Project Managers, employment within the human resources department or general marketing and product development. The employment levels range from entry level to top management positions.

Healthcare Managers in Consulting

There are companies in existence that provide external guidance for managing the workplace in hospitals, nursing care facilities, physicians and private practice . They provide resources for staffing with high quality employees, guidance with implementing proper policy and raising the level of effectiveness for a safe and prosperous work environment.

Healthcare Managers in Public Health Departments

Public health departments offer healthcare managers the opportunity of a career dedicated to improving the health and welfare of the general public. They do so by setting regulations and implementing the policies governing the public health segment of the healthcare system. The focus of Public health departments is the improvement of the organizational strategies of the health system.

Healthcare Managers in Research Departments

Research departments provide current information and research for all elements of the healthcare issues. Some examples include setting policies for today’s healthcare systems, addressing issues facing the changes occurring within the healthcare system and information to support current management in healthcare today. With the new regulations in place for compliance in Healthcare they support companies in order to properly provide employees with quality healthcare.

Healthcare Managers at Colleges and Universities

Within colleges and universities across the united state, some healthcare managers choose to provide educational opportunities for students in the healthcare management field. There are a variety of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees available which provide the skills necessary to face a highly changing and competitive job market in healthcare management.

There are many careers open to those with a healthcare management degree. As one of the most rapidly growing job markets, those who choose a degree in healthcare management will have the ability to make a contribution to improving the quality of healthcare and its delivery within their communities.