March 31, 2023

What Type of Courses are Taken When Studying Healthcare Management?

The path to earning a healthcare management degree is consistent with all good educational institutions. It begins with a strong foundation in business and then includes everything someone in a position of management needs to know to function at a high level in today’s healthcare environment. There are many areas of healthcare management that graduates find work in, so it is important to get a well rounded education to succeed. These degrees can be earned online as well as in a traditional classroom environment.

Basic foundation courses in business

Because healthcare management is a specialty area of business, you will be required to take the courses in business that all business majors are required to take. Those who major in marketing, accounting, finance or any other area of business take general courses in all business subjects. These courses represent approximately a semester and a half of schooling. Every aspect of business will be covered to prepare for the many facets of healthcare that await a graduate.

Fundamental courses in healthcare management

After business classes are taken, a student will begin to learn the special area of healthcare management and administration. These areas include such things as data management and coding systems especially as it relates to patient care. These subject areas use computers extensively. The economics of the healthcare industry are covered as well as the reimbursement systems of Medicare and Medicaid. Promotional issues are covered as they apply to medical institution. Certain groups of people are at higher risks from certain medical conditions than others. Reaching out to these people, to offer the care they need, is an important part of administration and managements of all medical facilities.

Elective courses

There are usually a few units set aside to allow a student to take additional courses in a specific area of healthcare management that interests them. These types of classes are almost always upper division and teach more information that will help the healthcare student.

Other required courses

There are usually a two to four classes that will be required to earn a degree in healthcare management that are general in nature but are important for the skill set of someone in the field of healthcare management. A good example of this is human anatomy. You don’t need to be a doctor to excel in healthcare administration, but you do need to know all of the anatomical parts of the human body. Another example is a statistics course. Statistics are used in many areas in this field of healthcare. Finally, there is sometimes a requirement for an introductory course in ethics. This type of class is not specific to the medical field, but is taught in a general way.


Healthcare management is an exciting degree to earn as the field continues to grow and the possibilities are many. Earning a degree in this field gives a student a well rounded education as well as a specific enough education to make a graduate student well qualified for many jobs after college.