March 31, 2023

What Should I Look for in a Healthcare Management Internship?

A student working toward a master’s degree in healthcare management may wonder, “What should I look for in a healthcare management internship?” When searching for an internship, what suits one student may not be the preference of another student. Each person should prioritize what they want out of the internship and hone their search based on their list of priorities and goals for the experience.

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Ability to Learn a New Skill and Set Oneself Apart

When searching for a healthcare management internship, a student should look for the opportunity to learn a new skill. Having more tools in a person’s toolbox is an ideal way to set oneself apart from other candidates for future job applications. Learning how to do something new could also make the internship experience more satisfying. The student will be less likely to experience boredom if they have the chance to learn a new skill.

Opportunity to Choose a Career Path

Another important thing to look for in a healthcare management internship is the opportunity to learn more about different career paths in healthcare administration. For example, a student might have an internship at a large hospital and realize that they would rather work in management at a smaller facility. A person who interns at a long-term care facility might discover that they enjoy helping families find a compassionate environment for their elderly members. Students may also want to meet managers of different areas, such as the nursing, laboratory, business and medical managers at a large facility.

Access to Mentors

According to Way Up, students should also look for access to mentors when searching for an internship in healthcare management. The mentor should dedicate time on a weekly basis in order to meet with the student. The mentor should also introduce the student to the leadership of the organization and explain how the organization works. A built-in support system for the interns allows the students to learn more from the people who have a lot of years of industry experience in healthcare management.

Networking With People in the Profession

When searching for a healthcare management internship, look for opportunities to network with people in the organization. See if it is possible to attend conferences, meetings or events that will draw in other professionals in healthcare management. Students should also choose an organization with a corporate culture that is in line with their values. For example, a student who wants to have Fridays off during the summertime should look for a company that offers a flexible work schedule. A student who values opportunities to volunteer should search for an organization that allows employees to do this for a few hours each month during the hours that they would usually be at work.

An internship is usually part of the degree requirement for a master’s in public health or healthcare administration. Even though it is required for the degree, the student can still have a rewarding experience by making connections and learning about a particular type, setting or specialty of healthcare administration. Knowing the answer to the question of, “What should I look for in a healthcare management internship?” makes it easier for a student to apply or the internship positions that are best suited to their skills and preferences.