March 31, 2023

What Qualities Would Make Me a Good Healthcare Manager?

What Qualities Would Make Me a Good Healthcare Manager?

As the field of Healthcare Management and Administration continues to increase at a rapid pace, more and people are entering the field. For those individuals who are considering entering this industry, there is a list of interests and qualities that will make you an ideal candidate to become an effective and employable Healthcare Manager.

According to the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), there are five characteristics that Healthcare Management employers are looking for in Administrators and Managers at all levels of healthcare.

Proper Academic Training and Previous Work Experience

In order to be considered for a job as a Healthcare Manager it is necessary to obtain a degree from an accredited college or university. It is also preferable that candidates display a strong commitment to continuing their professional development and education throughout their career. This is necessary to stay on top of changes to healthcare policy. One of the traits that many employers will find favorable is a candidate who has either prior work experience in the healthcare industry, or has completed an internship or fellowship within a healthcare organization.

Excellent Communication skills

In order to be an effective Healthcare Manager, excellent written and oral communication skills are critical. In order to be an effective manager in general, you must be able to communicate with your colleagues, your subordinates as well as your superiors. Communication skills will be paramount when you are required to development and present reports and proposals.

Flexibility, Adaptability and a Good Organizational Fit

Employers in all industries want to find candidates who will fit well in their organization. As a manager it is necessary to be able to work well with those around you and fit in with the goals and vision of the company. In order to fit well in a new setting, having the ability to flex and adapt will make you an attractive contender. Additionally, displaying an attitude and appearance of confidence and competence will help you land a job as a Healthcare Manager.

Dependability, Good Professional Judgment and Strong Character

Managers in all industries must have the required maturity and decision-making capability to make decisions and take full responsibility for both successes and failures. In order to be an effective manager you must have a good moral compass that will allow you to make honest and ethical business decisions. Employers are also looking for individuals with a strong character who will commit to their healthcare organization. As a manager, you take a leadership role that others will follow.

General Management Skills

Finally, in order to be a strong Healthcare Management candidate you must display strong management skills. While this is something that can be increased through study and practice, there is an element to effective management that is an inborn trait. Employers will be looking for strong leaders with strong general management skills.

These five skills are characteristics that each Healthcare Manager should possess. They will be skills that you need for everyday practice in the healthcare industry. For individuals who possess these traits, a career in Healthcare Management might be the right fit for you.