March 29, 2023

What Qualities Must I Possess to Become a Successful HCM?


There are many factors that go into becoming a successful Healthcare Manager in today’s Healthcare system. Some of the character traits that would be of benefit to those seeking careers as Healthcare Managers include:

  1. Communication: A healthcare executive must be able to communicate clearly and respectfully with patients, customers, industry leaders, partners, department heads and hospital workers. In order to have meaningful relations with peers and to be able to promote constructive collaboration between individuals and groups in all situations, managers must have strong communication skills. One of the most important communication skills is to be a good listener.
  2. Ability to Motivate Others: To be an effective Healthcare manager you must have the ability to motivate others. It is a vital personal characteristic for any manager.
  3. Confidence:You need to be able to make decisions in confidence, and show others that you are capable of making good decisions. Having confidence reflects in how others see you and can be of benefit.
  4. Leadership: A healthcare administrator needs must have the ability to create a shared vision for and inspire his entire team. He must also be able to create and implement a strong organizational plan for his hospital or institution.
  5. Professionalism: A Healthcare manager must maintain the professional, ethical and moral conduct at all times, setting a high standard of excellence for his team members in order to represent and reflect a high quality healthcare professionalism to the entire healthcare community.
  6. Dependability: It is important that both superiors and those working for you can count on you to be both dependable and reliable. This trustworthiness allows them to have confidence in your ability to lead them.
  7. Positive Outlook: An optimistic outlook and attitude can help in building positive morale in employees. A positive outlook can inspire others in getting things done and maintain a good work ethic.
  8. Composure: Although there can be a great deal of pressure on a healthcare manager, a good manager can help others to remain calm and deal with the pressures with composure.
  9. Ability to resolve conflict: As a manager in Healthcare, you must be capable of handling conflicts in the workplace and are often the person who acts as liaison between management and employees in the organization. Managers are often the primary mediator between the lower and upper-level employees and are required to resolve disagreements between lower-level employees. One of the most important responsibilities of a healthcare executive is to spot problems as they form to avoid later conflicts from arising.

Some of the questions you might want to ask yourself are:

  • Do you work well with others?
  • Are you a natural leader?
  • Are you a person who excels at making others want to do their job and feel successful?

If you have these qualities, you may be an excellent candidate for becoming a Healthcare Manager. Some of these traits are inborn and some can be developed through proper education and experience. As a manager there are many traits that are required to be successful in leading those in your Healthcare organization. The more of these traits you have the more likely you will be a good fit for careers as Healthcare managers.