March 31, 2023

What Minor Pairs Well with a Health Management Major?

Minors That Pair Well with a Health Management Major

  • Biology
  • Health Science
  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Business

There are a number of minors that pair well with a health management major. Health management is also known as health administration and entails the oversight of healthcare facilities or departments. This is an in-demand career that many students are interested in pursuing. Below is an overview of the minors that are a good match for a health management major.

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1. Biology

Because basic biology is at the core of human healthcare, it stands to reason that a minor in biology would be beneficial for aspiring healthcare managers. A minor in biology will give healthcare administrators additional knowledge about organic life that is integral to their profession. A biology minor will go further in-depth on subjects such as sleep, bone structure, cell biology, systems of the body and more to give aspiring health managers greater knowledge of the science side of their field. The basic scientific vocabulary learned with this minor or other science-related minors is critical for healthcare administrators as well.

2. Health Science

Healthcare administrators must have a very solid understanding of human health. This is necessary in order to speak intelligently with medical professionals and with patients about their care. Health science minors learn about the science of human health and how to properly maintain it. Subjects such as drug use, reproductive health, pharmaceuticals, and diseases are covered in these programs. These minors may also incorporate classes regarding public health policy and ethics, which are important for healthcare administrators to understand.

3. Psychology

A minor in psychology pairs very well with a health management major. This is because healthcare managers heavily interact with people, whether representatives of insurance companies, patients, staff, government officials and more. A psychology minor equips healthcare managers with a basic overview of how human psychology works so it can best be utilized to help patients, manage employees, interact with insurance companies and more. It can also qualify healthcare managers to work in mental health facilities, with patients with mental illness and with psychiatrists who focus on the medical aspects of mental illness.

4. Communications

Healthcare managers must be good communicators as the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out, which makes a minor in communications a good choice. Students pursuing communications minors learn about effective communication in all its forms, from written to verbal. This makes it a versatile degree that helps healthcare administrators be more effective in their chosen profession. Healthcare managers are responsible for facilitating effective communication at all levels of their facility. A minor in communication teaches them the skills and techniques in order to do that most effectively. In addition to implementing good communication throughout a healthcare facility, communications skills are essential for interacting with the public, insurance companies and other healthcare professionals.

5. Business

Most health management degree programs include classes relating to business management, finance, marketing and other related subjects. Some even encourage minoring in a business-related subject, because businesspeople and healthcare administrators utilize many of the same skills and training. With a business minor, students will be better equipped to handle the business side of running a healthcare facility. A business minor can also make it easier to land a job upon graduation because students will be familiar with the hiring process and how best to navigate it.

Deciding on the right minor to supplement a major can be challenging. Fortunately, students pursuing a major in health management have plenty of options. Consider any of these minors that pair well with a health management major.