March 30, 2023

What Kind of Coursework is Involved in a Health Care MBA Program?

One of the most common graduate degrees that lead to a career as a health care manager or administrator is the Health Care Master of Business Administration (MBA). These are prestigious degree programs that provide students with strong business skills, as well as the specialized training they will need to work in the health care industry.

What Kinds of Courses Will I Complete?

Most Health Care MBA programs will require students to complete all of the traditional MBA requirements. These are usually courses in business, finance, management, marketing and several other areas. Additionally, students will then complete elective courses to gather the health care industry training. Some schools offer generalist health care manager courses, while others may provide a specialized training area, such as long term care management, hospital finance, health care employee management and many others.

How Many Courses Will Be Required?

Most MBA programs require students to complete between 30-50 graduate credit hours, which translates into approximately 10-16 courses. This will vary depending upon a students educational background and other requirements of the program, such as study abroad for credit, internships, field placements, etc.

Will I Learn Outside of the Classroom?

Most MBA programs are now requiring students complete some manner of experiential learning. Some schools are opting to require students complete a study abroad trip, which is an intensive week to two-week program of study in a foreign nation. Other programs are requiring students to work in the field, alongside current professionals to build the business acumen they will need upon graduation. Some programs are even including an internship or practicum experience as part of the Health Care MBA training program.

Can I Complete My Coursework Online?

An increasing number of MBA programs are now offering all or some of the courses in an online or hybrid format. College and universities across the United States have recognized that a large number of MBA candidates are busy working professionals. In order to make programs more flexible and ultimately more accessible to a broader range of students, online learning systems are becoming a new standard. Most schools require the same course load and pre-requisites regardless of whether you earn your degree online or on campus. In many cases the same instructors teach the online and the on campus versions of the course work.

The coursework used in most Health Care MBA degree programs are rigorous and robust by their very nature. In order to function successfully in the ever-changing, rapidly expanding field of health care, professionals must be both savvy as well as well trained. By gathering the important skills and knowledge put forth in Health Care MBA programs, students will receive the training they need to be leader in the field.