March 30, 2023

What Kind of Coursework is Involved in a Health Care Management Curriculum?

Health Care Management graduate programs are programs based heavily in the tenets of many major business programs. The major difference between these programs and business-based programs are the focus on topics that relate specifically to the field of health care. While much of health care management, administration and executive positions are comprised of are business elements, many are so highly specialized that specific training is required. The health care industry is seeing change and evolution like no field has ever seen before. The field changes on an almost daily basis, with sweeping health care reform, an aging population and technological advances. It is imperative that professionals in this field receive the training to understand the nuances they will see on a daily basis.

What Kinds of Courses Will I Complete?

Students in graduate health care management programs will engage in a number of business based courses, in many instances alongside MBA students. Where the coursework differs is in the health care specific courses. Some of these include classes in electronic medical records, health informatics, hospital management, health policy, health outcomes and many others.

How Many Courses Will Be Required?

Most graduate programs leading to careers in health care management or administration require somewhere between 36 and 50 credit hours. Each program has very specific requirements, so it is important to look into each school you are considering.

Will I Learn Outside of the Classroom?

A growing part of many health care management curriculums now includes learning experiences outside the classroom. Some of the many possible experiential learning opportunities include:

  • Study abroad options
  • Internships
  • Practicum Placements
  • Seminars
  • Research Placements

Can I Complete My Coursework Online?

Each year, more and more colleges and universities offer all or part of the master’s degree training in health care management online. There is a general trend towards online learning, and health care management is no exception. Many individuals seeking a graduate degree in this expanding area of employment are currently employed and already balancing work and family. By having the option to pursue an online or hybrid degree, more students than ever before have the ability to work towards their master’s degree. Many such programs offer the vast majority of coursework in an online format, with short “residencies,” where students attend on campus courses for a few days to a couple weeks.

Students interested in a career in this field can work towards a Master of Health care Administration, Master of Health Care Management, MA or MS in Health Care Management and many other excellent options. The curriculum that underlies all graduate health care management and administration programs are comprehensive and well rounded to train students for employment in the fast paced, constantly changing health care industry. Students are armed with the management, financial, technological and industry-specific skills they will need to thrive as a health care manager.