March 30, 2023

What Jobs Are Available in a Hospital Setting with a Healthcare Management Degree?

Many students pursing a degree in Healthcare Management plan to eventually work in a hospital setting. There are a variety of employment opportunities available to Healthcare Managers in a hospital environment. Healthcare Management is the field related to leadership, management and administration of public health systems, healthcare systems, hospitals and hospital networks. Healthcare managers are considered healthcare professionals. This is an exciting time for those who aspire to a career in Healthcare Management. Healthcare is in a constant state of change with new Mandates that continually change how care is being delivered. With a degree in Healthcare Management there are many areas of employment opportunities including :

Hospital Human Resources Professionals

A hospital is a micro-community operating much like a city, having the same issues with a dynamic that is stronger due to the factor of human interaction. Human Resources Management is essential in the healthcare workplace to ensure proper delivery of healthcare services. The common daily issues a Human Resources Professional may deal with in a hospital setting include everything from performance management to safety issues. These individuals will fill a multitude of personnel needs of both employers and employees while managing all aspects personnel related as it apples to operations of the facility. Specific functions may include:

  • Hiring
  • Physician and Nurse Recruitment
  • Employee Orientation
  • Personnel Management
  • Benefits & Compensation Management
  • Claims Handling
  • Training and Performance Monitoring
  • State and Federal Regulations Education
  • Work place Safety and Sanitation
  • Labor Mediation
  • Staff Morale and Retention

Hospital Nursing Administrator

A career in Nursing administration is a highly sought after career path for Master of Health Administration Program graduates. Nurse Administrators are responsible for managing nursing staffs, training, scheduling of shifts, managing medical records, maintain supply inventory and setting guidelines for highest quality possible in the nursing care within their organization. Nursing administration requires a high level of patient interaction and can prove a highly rewarding career in healthcare. Some of the job requirements as a Nursing Administrator include:

  • Acting as liaison between the nurses, doctors, patients and other departments within a hospital. Qualified nurse administrator must have extensive knowledge of medicine and patient care and maintain strong leadership and management skills.
  • Supervising nursing staff, scheduling shifts, training new nurses, providing high level medical advice if needed and assigning nurses to patients or departments as required.
  • Nursing administrators are responsible for the well being and treatment of every patient in their unit.

For those taking on the challenge of a nurse administrator the rewards can be both emotionally and financially rewarding. Starting salaries for nurse administrator range from $70,000 to $90,000, and with experience they can earn well over $100,000. With endless room for advancement due to a predicted healthcare expansion the job security benefit awarded to a Nurse Administrator is higher that most jobs in today’s economy.

Hospital Patient Care Services

According to the United States Department of Labor, those who work as Patient Service Managers have a salary range of $51,000 to $145,000. As a Patient Service Manager, individuals work directly with staff and patients in a hospital setting to implement policy to better provide for the patient. The job entails making sure the staff within the organization is following the procedures put in place by administration and government. With a goal of ongoing improvement of services you will constantly be looking for ways to improve current procedure for the best possible care of patients. Responsibility may also include supervising maintenance and repair of equipment while acting as liaison between management and medical staff. Patient service managers often are responsible for hiring, training, evaluating, and managing hospital staff.

The Health Sciences are one of the heaviest growth areas of the economy throughout the United States. It is the behind the scenes Healthcare Providers that are the key to success in terms of effectiveness and profitability. There are many opportunities for employment in a hospital setting for those with degrees in Healthcare Management.