March 30, 2023

What is the Most Useful Master’s Degree in the Health Care Industry?

When you are looking to advance your career in the health care industry, then you might want to look into these useful master’s degrees. These programs offer a wide variety of training that can help you move up, make more money, and move forward. Similarly, these degrees can help to jump start a new career in the health care fields.

Master’s in Public Health

This is a degree that takes a broader look at medicine to help solve community health problems. Public health is a growing field where you should have a strong sense of collaboration and organization.

A program like this can be completed in as little as less than two years, and greatly increases your earning potential in a medical setting, like a hospital or physicians office. Like most medical-related degrees, to complete a program like this you will have to do a practicum portion that is set in field.

Master’s in Health Service Administration

For those that are in a nursing position and are looking to move up within their company, a health service administration degree can give you the valuable skills you need to understand and play a part in your health care system. Students will not only learn industry knowledge, but also basic business practices for effective management.

In a program such as this, you will learn all about the social, technical, economic, and policy forces that all work together behind the scenes in the health care industry. While with a program like this a practicum is not typically required, gaining experience prior to completion of the program can be widely beneficial.

Master’s in Public Policy

Public policy is crucial in a variety of industries, including health care. Getting such a degree allows you to be more versatile, which overall makes your skills more valuable. Studying public policy in an academic environment gives you the chance to learn how to not only look at and analyze current and proposed policies, but how to make effective changes to that policy.

Any type of health care facility has public policies put in place for both the employees and patients. This is a field that is constantly growing and changing, meaning that work for people with the desired education and experience can easily be found.

Master’s in Health Science

Depending on what exactly you are looking to study, a master’s in health science can be exactly the type of degree that will work for you. This is a specialized degree that allows you to choose areas that you would like to advance and delve into further. This type of degree also gives you the time needed to do valuable research and publish your findings.

This is a degree that is meant for those that want to get into the research-side of health care, such as performing tests and recreating findings. This is also a good program for those that would like to get into teaching health care in academia. While this is a degree for doing intense research, it can also be helpful for those currently working within the health care industry.

There are plenty of master’s degrees that you can pursue to advance your degree–but a handful of them can have a major impact on your career. Not only can you learn more about your profession, but you can also advance your career and make more money.


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