March 31, 2023

What is the Business School Alliance for Health Management?

The Business School Alliance for Health Management (BAHM) is an organization with a goal of transforming the health care industry by furthering training, research and practice throughout the United States leading schools of management. This organization helps to identify those colleges and universities that are offering an education that provides the rudimentary training necessary to become a leader in the management and organization of the health care industry. These schools are the ones that will train the leaders of tomorrow’s health care organizations. The organization encourages students and faculty to work collectively to “harness their collective energy, intellect and resources to solve today’s healthcare problems”. It is by reaching out to the community and academic programs that they can unite great minds and keep the dialogue in the health care industry invigorated and relevant.

What is the Goal of the BAHM?

The Business School Alliance for Health Management was formed in 2010 as a cooperative non-profit association, made up of the nations most esteemed and respected business schools, with a commitment to the collective idea that management education, when applied to the issues facing those who provide healthcare delivery and healthcare invention, plays an important role in implementing new and innovative solutions. Some other educational disciplines investigate the value of policy issues facing the health sector, business schools are critically important as the necessary link between facing the practical issues of managing companies and creating business leadership in various healthcare settings.

What is the Mission of the BAHM?

The mission of the BAHM is to “encourage and inspires students and faculty to come together and harness their collective energy, intellect and resources to solve today’s healthcare problems. Through outreach and educational programs designed to bring great minds together, we keep the dialogue around healthcare fresh and vital”.

What is the Major Importance of the BAHM

The BAHM is a wonderful resource for students who plan to pursue their education in health care management. By earning a degree from a BAHM accredited university, you know that you are receiving an education that is considered the best in the country. In addition to highlighting the very best colleges and universities, BAHM offers additional resources to health care management students. Some of what the organization has implements is a group of adjunct faculty that train the leaders of tomorrow, doctoral student webinars and the BAHM-sponsored Healthcare Management journal. Since 2011, the association has also hosted Case Competitions for students attending BAHM institutions. The latest innovation is the creation of an online Community to encourage dialogue among students and alumni from BAHM-member institutions.

Becoming a part of the BAHM community helps students, faculty and professionals move the health care industry forward. As the face of health care grows and changes on an almost daily basis, leaders and pioneers are going to be more important than ever before.