March 31, 2023

What Does the Future Hold for Careers in Healthcare?

The current trend in employment in the health care industry predicts a growing need for qualified healthcare professionals in response to a rising demand for healthcare services. Very few areas of employment in the world are expanding as fast as careers in healthcare, and that growth is not anticipated to stop its growth in the foreseeable future.

What Areas of Employment in Healthcare Management Will See the Most Growth?

Some of the fields that are experiencing the greatest amount of growth include:

  • Elder Care Managers
  • Health Information Managers
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Public Health Field

Areas of Growth in The Public Health Field

Many areas of Public Health are experiencing tremendous growth. The following are areas that are expected to see the greatest amount of growth over the next ten years:

  • Public Health Officers educate the public on serious health risks typically work in Nonprofit organizations, Military, Local and state government and Federal agencies.
  • Employment of Biostatisticians is projected to grow 27 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations.
  • Health Educators and Community Health Worker careers are projected to grow 21 percent from 2012 to 2022
  • Environmental Health, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is expected to grow by 19% during the period 2012-22
  • Public Health Administrator
  • The Emergency or Disaster Management field is expected to grow at a 28.2 percent through the year 2022, which is one of the highest growth rates projected among all career fields

What Degrees Will Provide Training for the Careers in These Growing Areas of Healthcare?

Most medical and health services managers positions require at least a Bachelor’s Degree before entering the field, however a Master’s Degree is required by higher level positions. The most common Masters degrees are:

  1. Master of Public Health (MPH)
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  3. Master of Health Administration (MHA)

What is the Comparison of Jobs in 2010 Vs. Jobs Likely Available in 2020?

The Health Care Industry is growing by an average of more than 17,000 jobs a month. The US BLS projects that jobs in the field will grow by more 23% (more than twice the growth for overall U.S. job growth) in the coming years. Jobs as Medical and Health Service Managers in 2012 were 315,500 and it is predicted that there will be over 388,800 positions in 20122.

What are Some of the Reasons for the Predicted Rise in Healthcare Employment?

With advances in medical science allowing people greater life expectancies, the growing US population demands the need for healthcare services. As the elderly population grows across the country, there will be more and more need for Healthcare services. Another driving factor is the reform for Healthcare in the US, which mandates that everyone have access to medical care. There will be more health services required and that drives the need for additional qualified individuals to fill these positions. Even in a slow economy, when many industries have lost ground in capital expenditure and in jobs, the healthcare industry has continued to expand. This expansion translates to plentiful job opportunities for those with the skills and training for this thriving sector of the job market.

With growing diversity in the healthcare system, Healthcare managers are needed in many settings. These needs will continue to grow, as will the job opportunities for those pursuing careers as Healthcare Manager and Executives.