March 31, 2023

What Are The Degree Options Available To Become A Health Care Manager?

There is a wide range of options for those individuals who want to earn their degree in the health care management field. Students can begin their academic career at the undergraduate level and continue all the way to a doctoral degree, should they so choose. Whether you are a recent high school graduate just starting college or someone looking to switch their career there are many options available.

Undergraduate Degree Options in Health Care Management

At the undergraduate level many colleges and universities now have bachelor’s degree offerings in health care management or administration. These programs will cover the tenets of the field and provide a strong foundation in the business skills necessary to work in the field. While there are some entry-level positions that can be filled by someone with a bachelor’s degree, many employers will require a graduate level degree or certification to be considered for a position.

Graduate Degree Options in Health Care Management

There is an array of graduate level degrees that can lead to a career in health care management or administration. Some of these include:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Health Care Management or Administration
  • Master of Arts of Science in Health Informatics
  • Master of Arts or Science in Health Care Management
  • Master of Bioinformatics
  • Master of Business Administration in Health Care
  • Master of Health Care Administration
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Science in Nursing with Clinical Nurse Leadership Concentration
  • Master of Science in Nursing with Nursing Administration Concentration

These are some of the most popular options for students with an interest in a graduate health care management degree. While each program is a little different in its curriculum, goals and outcomes, they are all excellent training programs for health management and administration. It is important for students to investigate each program they are considering to find which degree program most closely matches their academic and career goals. By choosing the best fitting degree it will be easier to fins employment upon graduation.

Certification Options in Health Care Management

Another option for students hoping to enter the health care management field is a graduate level certification. These are programs offered over a shorter length of time to allow graduate level students to earn the skills and knowledge they need to enter this field. In many cases students can earn these credits online or in a weekend or evening format.

Online Degree Options in Health Care Management

Because this field is one commonly pursued by business professionals who want to shift into the health care field, many programs are offered in a fully online or hybrid format to provide a high degree of flexibility so working professionals can both work and earn their degree. These programs typically include the same curriculum as their on campus counterparts but use an online system that allows online interactions between instructors and students.