March 29, 2023

What Are The Best Programs for Public Health in the Country?

Public Health is one of the most popular specialty fields in the greater field of healthcare. Students wanting to pursue careers in public health will be better prepared by earning a graduate degree from one of the countries leading public health programs.

What is Public Health?

Public health is the science of creating healthier communities through education, research and promotion of healthy lifestyles. The focus of public health is on health promotion and disease and injury prevention and public health professionals analyze and develop programs that protect the health of individuals, families and communities in the United States and abroad. A career in public health opens the door to diverse opportunities in a variety of sectors such as federal, private and non-governmental organizations. For those who are not familiar with the public health field, public health touches on nearly every aspect of modern life, and graduates of public health programs have the opportunity to pursue careers in various settings including:

  • Public which could be in Government jobs including administration in health departments, public nursing or disaster preparation
  • Non-profits focusing on specific populations or addressing specific health disparities
  • Academia where more typically the focus is on research and where they also may also be teaching students enrolled in public health-related degree programs
  • Private sector jobs for example in insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health care facilities or as consultants

What are the Best Public Health Degree Programs?

According to the US News and World Report list of the best Public Health Graduate Programs, the following universities and colleges are leading the field:

  • # 1 – John Hopkins University – Located in Baltimore, Maryland
  • # 2 – Harvard University – Located in Boston, Massachusetts
  • # 3 – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • # 4 – University of Michigan – Located in Ann Harbor, Michigan
  • # 5 – Columbia University – Located in New York, New York
  • # 6 – University of Washington – Seattle, Washington
  • # 7 – Emory University – Located in Atlanta, Georgia
  • # 8 – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities – Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • # 9 – Boston University – Located in Boston, Massachusetts
  • #10 – University of California – Located in Berkeley, California

You can check out this website for information on other top schools for Public Health in the US:

How Much Will a Graduate Degree in Public Health Cost?

The cost of a graduate degree in Public Health varies depending on several important factors including:

  • What school you choose to attend
  • The specialty area you plan to work in
  • What area of the country your degree is from
  • The level of degree you choose to pursue

A master’s degree in public health typically costs about $16,500-$35,000 for in-state tuition and fees of $25,000-$65,000 for out-of-state tuition and fees. This cost represents tuition and fees only for a two-year graduate program (the most common). Online degree programs and private school programs in public health can cost anywhere between $26,000-$33,000.