March 29, 2023

What are the Best Apps for Health Care Management Students?

Touchscreen smartphone with cloud of colorful application icons isolated on white background

As technology becomes an increasingly larger part of the higher educational system, it is more important than even before that students understand and use technology. One of the interesting ways that students are advancing their college experience is through the use of web applications, commonly referred to as apps. These apps can be accessed through tablets, computers and even a cell phone. With thousands of educational apps, students can find helpful online content to keep them organized, help them study and manage their time. Health care management students can choose from a long list of helpful apps.

Best Time Management Apps for Health Care Management Students
This app allows the used to better organize their tasks, which is excellent for students who need to create to-do lists regularly. The used can synchronize all tasks with other devices so that the list can be accessed from anywhere. New entries can be added with the help of touch-based interface, as well as voice recognition.

Toggl is an alternative to the outdated time sheet. Students can use the app to keep track of how much time is spent on different subjects or projects. This helps students understand their time management by clearly defining how much time is actually spent on your projects and tasks, and then analyze how to manage them more effectively.

Best Study Skills Apps for Health Care Management Students

Study Blue Flashcards
Available for Apple and Android devices, this app allows students to use the effective study method of creating flashcards. While they are an effective way to memorize information, making them is time consuming. StudyBlue allows you to use text, pictures and audio to create the perfect stack of (digital) flashcards, or search the huge database to borrow note cards.

iTunes University
Apple’s iTunes University (iTunes U for short) contains volumes of curriculum course material from many top universities and colleges. Even if your school’s course material is not available on iTunes U, you will likely find similar content from the equivalent courses at other schools. The app is available for iOS, and content is a combination of text (multiple formats), audio and video.

Best Organizational Apps for Health Care Management Students

This app helps you keep files, pictures, notes and other information in one place. You can share notes with other users and access your information on a phone, computer or tablet.

This app works as a virtual personal assistant that functions as your “second brain”. 24me creates reminders so you will never miss an important meeting or event, or forget to pay a bill. It also combines your calendar, to-do lists and notes all in one easy to use, clutter free app. It syncs with other apps like Facebook to send messages to your friends on their birthday in case it slipped your mind, lets you share notes with coworkers or friends, and combines just about every part of your life into one package.

Best Field Specific Apps for Health Care Management Students

Government Health News
This app functions as a central listing agent for all the latest government news healthcare executives can use. The app is designed to aggregate news from federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the Department of Health & Human Services, the Food & Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health and others.

NEJM This Week
The New England Journal of Medicine is a necessary publication for healthcare leaders who need to stay up to date on the latest research articles, case studies and commentary. The clinical elements of this app offer insight into improving hospital operations and quality, however the commentary can cover an array of other relevant topics, including healthcare reform, accountable care organizations and population health.