March 29, 2023

What Are Some Advantages to Going to Graduate School in the Midwest?

Graduate school provides tremendous opportunities, but choosing which grad school to attend can be difficult. While there are great options for graduate school throughout the nation, the Midwest provides several unique advantages that make it a great choice for people from the Midwest or other regions. Here are some of the reasons to considering attending graduate school in the Midwest.

Lower Cost of Living

Compared to the nation as a whole, the Midwest is affordable. Graduate students often have to spend their money wisely, and money spent in the Midwest tends to go further than money on the West Coast and the Northeast. These factors affect nearly all costs; rent in the Midwest is relatively affordable, and the price of food and other necessities is cheaper as well. Wages for work are often a bit lower, but savings elsewhere typically make up for these costs. Those who attend graduate school in the Midwest are likely to have less debt to pay off in the future.

Great School Options

Although people often think of the Northeast and the West Coast when it comes to schools with excellent opportunities, the Midwest is dotted with many great options as well. Graduate programs vary significantly by school, but most graduate courses are served well by schools throughout the Midwest. States in the Midwest often invest heavily into education, and these investments have paid off. Whether you’re looking for a school with a big name or are looking for an excellent and affordable graduate program, the Midwest is a great choice.

Change of Scenery

Too often, students attend school in one particular region. While this is a viable option, especially for those planning to work near where they attended school, spending a few years in a different region can have a host of benefits, especially in terms of perspective. Graduate students sometimes begin to feel burned out academically, and a move can be a great way to refresh. Furthermore, having experience in other regions can help people find out what really matters to them. The more suburban nature of the Midwest might help Northeasterners realize that having a larger home matters to them, while people from the South might come to appreciate the more dynamic weather of most areas in the Northeast.

Great Options for the Future

While some parts of the Midwest have struggled, there are also several renaissances throughout the region. Technology has become strong in the area, and even parts of Detroit are springing back to life. Many cities in the Midwest rate highly in terms of quality of life, and unemployment tends to be low as well. Those who attend graduate school in the area are likely to find a range of job opportunities unavailable elsewhere, and the move can be a great one for students looking to lay down roots and begin working after graduation.

Although it’s sometimes derided as flyover country by people who live on the coasts, the Midwest offers a wide range of opportunities that are great for graduate students. Making the move can be challenging, especially for people not used to cold weather, but many students will find the region superior to other destinations.

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