March 30, 2023

Should I Join a Professional Organization as a Healthcare Management Graduate?

Joining a professional organization as a healthcare management graduate is an excellent strategy to stay updated on changes in the field. Healthcare practices are constantly changing as best practice strategies evolve in response to the needs of patients and providers. Legislative changes affect patient care policies and administrative processes as well. Advances in technology designed to ease the administrative burden of managing the labor and resource-intensive environment in healthcare systems require that anyone involved in these settings in a leadership position should be aware of these changes and plan accordingly.

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Major Issues in Healthcare Management

The healthcare field is highly regulated as any field that concerns the health, well-being, and survival of people should be. It is important for healthcare management graduates to stay abreast of any changes that may have an impact on processes, procedures, and policies that may affect their jobs and the corporate mission. Documentation may seem like a straightforward function in the healthcare setting, but issues regarding the creation of content, preservation, and access to records have roiled the industry as stakeholders try to balance patient privacy with the need for timely access to accurate information.

Regardless of the setting, whether hospitals, outpatient clinics or long-term care facilities, delivery of healthcare is a resource-driven field. One of the tasks of healthcare management is ensuring the efficient use of these resources to ensure positive and best outcomes for patients. On the other hand, it is also critical that providers have access to the resources they need when they need them. Healthcare management is a balancing act on so many levels, and managers are expected to navigate these issues to satisfy the needs of all parties involved.

Impact of Membership in Professional Organizations

By being part of professional organizations, healthcare management graduates gain access to the most updated insider information about the industry and their professions. These organizations typically publish newsletters and websites to provide information that would be useful to those in the field. Mentorship is also one of the core programs that would be valuable to up-and-coming leaders in the healthcare sector.

Networking is a key factor that would help anyone committed to furthering their career. Professional organizations in healthcare are no exception as these groups focus on networking as a core offering. Members are given opportunities to meet with industry leaders and influencers in conventions, small-group business meetings, and local events.

In addition, professional organizations may provide helplines that members can call or contact online to help resolve issues and questions. This service may also provide referrals for ancillary services needed by members.

Professional Healthcare Organizations

Here are a few of the top professional organizations in healthcare management:

The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management or AAHAM

This organization is primarily for healthcare managers involved in revenues and management of healthcare providers. They provide educational programs, certifications , nd advocacy opportunities.

American College of Healthcare Executives or ACHE

This is an organization that provides national, regional and local connections and support. Members are automatically enrolled in one of at least 80 regional chapters that are tasked with providing members with education programs, career advancement resources, and volunteer opportunities. Membership dues are based on a sliding scale.

American Health Information Management Association or AHIMA

The mission of AHIMA is to improve the delivery of quality healthcare by ensuring that providers have the appropriate tools, resources, and information to raise and maintain the standards of practice.

Membership in professional organizations as a healthcare management graduate may not be mandatory in all cases, depending on one’s employment requirements or practice. However, it is a valuable strategy to ensure that professionals stay on top of developments in their field and connected to industry leaders and their peers.