March 29, 2023

Is a Master’s Degree Necessary for a Career in Healthcare Management?

Are you planning to prepare for a career in Healthcare Management? If you want to enter a field that is growing rapidly, the very first step is completing a post-secondary educational program that concentrates on preparing students for the complex field. There are a number of different paths that people who are interested in becoming behind-the-scenes administrators and managers in the healthcare arena, and its important to decide which path you should take to get the furthest in the shortest period of time.

As you are comparing different undergraduate and graduate degree programs, you need to know where the degree that you are considering will take you after graduation. While a Master’s degree will help you open doors in the field, if you would prefer to enter the field as an entry-level professional, an undergraduate could suffice. Here is your guide to understanding what opportunities might be open to you once you complete specific academic programs.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and What You Can Do With It

Healthcare Administration and Healthcare Management goes hand and hand, but administration professionals are not part of the management team. If you would like to enter the field as an entry-level professional in a larger hospital or a senior-level professional in a smaller operation, a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in health services, administration, and management could be the best route for you to take. A Bachelor’s degree will provide students with a foundation of knowledge that can be used in the field. Some of the courses that will be included as core curriculum include: Health Law, Ethics, Health Informatics, and more.

When is a Master’s Degree Necessary?

If you would like to enter the healthcare arena as a management professional, chances are you will need a Master’s degree. The experience you gain in entry-level positions or in senior-level positions at a smaller organization can substitute the need for a Master’s degree, but with no experience a Master’s degree is almost always a must for positions in public health.

If you are looking for different options, you should consider searching for a graduate program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education so that you know you are getting the best education possible. This accreditation body offers a programmatic or specialization accreditation to programs that apply and qualify, and the standards that must be met are very high. If you take a hybrid degree program or a specialized program, you can earn your degree with a specialization in the subfield that you are pursuing and then complete an internship, fellowship, or residency.

Once you earn your degree, you should enter a professional organization like the American College of Healthcare Executives so that you can enter the real world environment of the healthcare arena. You can also make invaluable connections in these organizations so that you can make a name for yourself in your region. Learn about all of your options in the field of healthcare management, choose the best educational program, and then dedicate yourself to earning a formal degree that will take you places.