March 30, 2023

I See Myself as a Leader and Potential Policy Maker. Is Health Care Management Right For Me?

The field of health care management and administration is a wide-ranging field with an array of potential positions. Within in this area you will find nurses, financial experts, managers, CEO’s, CFO’s, health informaticians, doctors and many others. While some people entering this field choose to work behind the scenes in hospitals and other health care organizations, there are others who want to work at the top as a leader and pioneer in the field. The majority of health care managers are a part of a health care organization and they work to make sure their organization is adhering to the rules and laws within the health care industry. There is, however, a number of health care management professionals who possess the leadership and command presence to rise to the top of the field. They are the ones who conduct the research, plan changes and implement the change throughout the entire field.

The health care industry has undergone some of the most sweeping changes the field has ever seen. With new reform, changes in technology, the influence of managed care and several other factors, the field grows and changes on an almost weekly basis. This begs the question, who is responsible for how this change occurs? Within the field of health care managers there are a percentage who have the leadership qualities and the skill set to work at the edge of change, creating and implement the changes that impact the entire industry.

Those who have a strong desire to help move the industry forward can seek positions in local, state and federal government within the branches who study, create and implement changes and reform. There are also a number of private organizations that are involved in the research that helps move the field forward. Some of the most important positions guiding the changes in the field include leaders in areas such as:

  • Health Informatics – These professionals are highly skilled in the ways in which health care data is stored, used and kept protected.
  • Public Policy – Those in this area work to promote the health and well being of a community of people
  • Health Care Managers in Governmental Agencies – HCM professionals with the training and credentials to secure positions in governmental agencies will work on task forces to help guide the health care industry in positive directions

A graduate degree in health care management is an excellent way to embark upon a career as a policy maker. Those who have the inborn leadership qualities to lead in challenging and complex system, can secure the training they will need to understand the nuances of the health care industry. By pairing these strong leadership skills with training in the field, you can become one of the leaders of the health care field.