March 30, 2023

I am a Parent with Young Children. Can I Earn a Health Care Management Degree?

For parents of young children it might seem impossible to both parent full-time and earn a degree in health care management or administration. While being a Mom or Dad of young children will make the path to degree completion a little bit more of a challenge that without, it is very possible.

Online and Hybrid Health Care Management Degree Options

Many parents who set out to complete their degree in health care management find that pursuing their degree wholly or partially online is the best option. A rising number of colleges and universities throughout the United States are adding online options to their repertoire of degree programs. Hybrid programs are a combination of a limited number of on campus and online course work. Most of these programs offer identical curriculums as their on-campus counterparts, and in many cases are taught by the same instructors. Many online and hybrid programs are designed with busy working professionals in mind. The same flexibility is very beneficial to parents who are with their children during the day. The program design fits the parent lifestyle by offering any mandatory online sessions in the evenings or weekends.

Part Time Health Care Management Degree Options

Another great option for busy parents is pursuing a health care management degree through a part-time program format. These programs are designed to be earned over a longer period of time but with fewer course requirements each semester. The curriculum is as rigorous as a full-time program and supplies the student with all the information, knowledge and skill they will need to succeed as a health care manager. The curricular design is spread over the course of 3-5 years to allow students to earn their degree at a pace that works for their specific needs.

Evening and Weekend Health Care Management Degree Options

Many colleges and universities are offering health care management degree programs using evening and weekend program formats. What this means is that students with children would only have to attend classes a couple of evenings each week or weekends. This is a great option for parents who can secure childcare at night or on weekends but not during the week. These programs are popular amongst working professions advancing their career as well as busy moms and dads.

While full-time parenting can be an exhausting and time consuming task, it does not have to be a reason to hold off pursuing a degree in health care management or administration. With so many flexible degree options available, it could not be a better time to start working on your degree. Students can opt to learn from home using an online learning format, in the evenings or on weekends as well as other part-time program options. With a range of flexible options, there is an ideal program for every busy parent who wants to earn their health care management degree.