March 31, 2023

Healthcare Management Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree is sufficient for some entry-level positions in Health Administration, a few senior-level positions in smaller operations, and for some middle management jobs in larger organizations. Many schools and colleges offer undergraduate degrees with a concentration in health services management. The purpose of a Bachelor’s education in this area is to provide the initial education for professional careers in health services management.

A health care management degree is a business degree awarded to students who have finished a college, university, or business school program with a focus on Healthcare Management. A college degree is almost always required to work in the health care management field. Most management, supervisory, and executive positions require at least a Bachelor’s Degree in health care, business, or health care management. An undergraduate degree is the most common requirement for a health care manager, health services manager, or medical manager. A Bachelor’s Degree in healthcare management usually takes four years for completion and the program will require a core set of general education courses in addition to courses focused on health care management topics.

What Bachelor’s Degree Should I Pursue for a Career in Healthcare Management?

The following are the most common bachelors degrees in Healthcare management:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration degree is an interdisciplinary and integrated learning approach to allow students to build a solid foundation for career mobility among health care professionals. Coursework will cover subjects including: administration, regulation and financing, planning, and policy as well as the social, political, ethical, legal and economic factors contributing to the complexity of the US health care system. A Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration program helps students to meet the learning needs of health care professionals and others to gain knowledge in health related topics, operations, and applications.
  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management degree allows students exposure to courses such as Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Strategic Management and Policy and Healthcare Quality Management to better understand ways to improve the quality and efficiency of care.
  • Bachelor of Healthcare Management programs usually takes 4 years for completion. Along with general courses in healthcare management, students courses allow them to gain skills to be more efficient in managing a variety of responsibilities related to healthcare in various medical settings. Earning a bachelor of healthcare management degree prepares students to pursue higher education in this area of specialization as well.

Hospitals and physician’s offices need managers just like any other business. Health care managers plan, direct, coordinate and supervise health care services. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical and health services managers earned an average annual salary of more than $88,580 in 2012. Bachelor’s Degree holders in health care management or health care administration have a range of opportunities for employment. The BLS also reports that salaries for a career in healthcare management will vary based on facility size and position duties and responsibilities. Hospital facility employment remains the highest paid since this is the most prevalent and popular venue for the occupation.