March 31, 2023

Do I Have to Be Very Tech Savvy to Study Health Informatics?


For those interested in a health informatics degree, concerns for prior tech savviness are common. Do I have to be tech savvy to study health informatics? If this sounds like you, read along as we provide some encouraging yet true enlightenment on this subject.

Core Concept, No Experience Required

The beauty of college is that virtually anyone can progress their way through it and subsequently become a bona fide expert on essentially any subject of their choosing. A degree program in health informatics, or health care IT, is no different in this respect. While no predispositions or past experiences are necessary with regard to technology here, one should certainly come ready to become educated and informed in this area. Becoming tech savvy in this respect, though, is all just a matter of following along in your course work.

So what exactly is this profession all about in the first place? Health informatics is all about the use of tech and information technology specific to the health care world. More precisely defined, it is “the interdisciplinary study of the design, development, adoption and application of IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery, management and planning.”


Courses to Expect

In order to even further assist in clearing the uncertainty one may feel about this line of work and/or degree program, let’s take a look to some of the course work particular to this area of study. This information can really help to clear the air. The following are typical courses found in this type of degree program in most schools today.

Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems

This class provides a summarizing and basic glimpse into methods of care delivery in the health care system. The effects of healthy and unhealthy communities and people on such systems is also reviewed.

Introduction to Health Care Information Management

This is a cornerstone type of introduction to health informatics as a whole. Expect to learn the basics in clinical applications, health care network architecture, patient privacy practices, and more.

Database Design and Knowledge Management

Data modeling and structure is what this course is all about. Learn to build, manage, and logically adapt such data sets to your particular health care purposes.

Introduction to Geohealth

Geohealth is a relatively new term symbolizing health and health care across different regions of the world. Students here get a chance to see how different parts of the world stack up in addition to how modern systems can have a measurable impact.

Clinical Documentation Systems

Digital billing, patient records, and even doctor schedules are widely considered to be part and parcel in the world of clinical documentation. This course teaches the student how such areas of documentation fit into the tech and IT systems of today.

Savviness is not a listed requirement for any college degree program or the courses facilitated within. On the other hand, the savviness that one does in fact need will be learned along the way; Follow the course work and virtually anyone can become the health IT expert they wish to be. For the uncertain out there, these are the not-so-daunting aligns of earning a health informatics degree, one course at a time.


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