September 22, 2020
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Can I Pursue a Career In Public Health If I Don’t Know What I Want to Do?

Public health is one of the fast-growing industries in the United States and constantly needs well-trained professionals to fill new positions. Finding a match in choosing a specific career within this industry depends on your interests and skills. Although some jobs only require a bachelor’s degree (varies from field to field) the best careers are for those with a Master in Public Health (MPH). Most MPH programs have their focus on the application of public health issues in the industry, preparing students to be leaders in their communities, increasing social awareness and performing various duties in a public health setting, depending on their specialty. Public health is a career field encompassing a vast variety of jobs. There are so many rewarding fields to choose from in the Public Health Field, it is not unusual to be sure what field specifically to concentrate in. If you know you want to work in the public health field but are unsure what area specifically, here are some things to consider when choosing a specific concentration area in public health careers.

Job Growth

Employment growth in most areas of Public Health is well above the national average, but there are specific areas of Public Health that are experiencing more growth than others.

Job Security

The stability of your career equates to less stress and more fulfillment and satisfaction in your career. There are a variety of areas of Public health that can do this effectively. It is important to evaluate what careers are the most in-demand and have available positions available locally. Take time to check out these in-demand careers and which best suit your interests and your skills.

Salaries for Public Health Careers

Salaries for Public health range from $31,500 to well over $100,000 annually, depending on the specific area of interest. Find out what salary you can expect from the career you want to pursue in the public health field. One of the best sites for finding that information is the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Personal Satisfaction

Although it is important to consider job security, growth, and salary – it is most important that the area of public health you choose should involve a large degree of satisfaction in career choice. Having an impact on the health of others gives most people pride and a sense of personal satisfaction Whether you want to track down the causes of disease as an epidemiologist or teach the public how to avoid getting sick as a health educator, there is a public health career that will fit your individual interests and skill set.

Dual Degree Option

Students can choose dual degree programs to further their current or future skill sets even further. It’s an option well worth considering.

Keep in mind that no matter what area you choose as a concentration, as a public health professional you will be working toward improving communities and helping individuals. Disease prevention and health promotion are a large part of your public health career with a focus on the physical, mental and environmental health of all types of populations.